Stenograffia travel. Stories from the Arctic Circle.

Novy Port and Mys Kamenny

The nature of the cities of the festival STENOGRAFFIA The nature of the cities of the festival STENOGRAFFIA (2019) by Oleg Kovalyuk, Andrey Kuskalo, Evgeny Rukhlov, Albert Gabsatarov, Grigory PostnikovSTENOGRAFFIA

Journey to the North

A trip beyond the Arctic circle is a great adventure. Our team gets on the helicopter in the tiny towns in the middle of endless tundra. We create art objects in harsh conditions, catch the Northern lights and organize events for the local people - the Nenets.

Behind the Arctic Circle. (2017) by STENOGRAFFIA and Albert GabsatarovSTENOGRAFFIA

Northern Lights (2017-08) by Oleg KovalykSTENOGRAFFIA


The name of this place translates as "New Port", and you can only get here by helicopter. This little village is the home of aurora borealis.

Children's dreams (2015-08) by Marina Yagoda, TAKNADO crewSTENOGRAFFIA

As we were painting this mural, an aurora lit up the whole sky! Local children helped us with this mural.

Walrus (2016-09) by Strong finger team, Sasha Hohlova, and Dima RubenSTENOGRAFFIA

This mural is based on a sketch done by a student from a local school. Nature is beautiful in Novy Port, but some buildings require additional decoration.

The Bird of Happiness (2016-09) by Natasha Pastukhova and Nastya MoskvinaSTENOGRAFFIA

Our team delivers vivid colors to these harsh places.

The Lights (2017-08) by BozikSTENOGRAFFIA

Our artists are continually inspired by local people's culture.

Stenograffia / New Port (2015-08) by STENOGRAFFIA and Albert GabsatarovSTENOGRAFFIA

Northen legends (2018-09) by Lubov ShmykovaSTENOGRAFFIA


The name of this place translates as "Stone Cape." This is a stunning place where infinite sea and endless tundra meet.

The Great Voyage (2018-08) by SPEKTR, Anna Sitnikova, Maxim Potorzhnov, Andrey Kolokolov, and Anna KletsSTENOGRAFFIA

We went on a journey with the most courageous company, to take a walrus-captain, deer, which will be a cartologist, and sailors-bears, who always keep their nose in the wind.

The Kissing Cousin (2017-08) by STENOGRAFFIA TEAM, Andrey Toporov, Taisia Spirina, Anna Klets, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Daria Melnikova, Igor Kostrikov, Andrey Kolokolov, and Dmitry ChabanovSTENOGRAFFIA

There are polar bears that live in the area, but the town is mostly inhabited by friendly dogs.

The Magic Swan Geese (2016-09) by Maria ChukhrovaSTENOGRAFFIA

Numerous seagulls inhibit this place, so we decided to introduce them to the magic swan geese from a Russian fairytale.

The Bird of happiness (2015-09) by Natalia PastukhovaSTENOGRAFFIA

This mural depicts the bird of happiness reaching over a fairytale town. The drawing is based on a sketch by a local schoolchild.

Credits: Story


Anna Klets | Chief Coordinator
Daria Melnikova | Press Secretary

Anastasia Chvyr | Translator
Anastasia Ilina | Translator
Ekaterina Sitnikova | Assistant Coordinator

Evgeny Fateev | Stenograffia Creator
Konstantin Rakhmanov | Stenograffia Supervisor
Andrey Kolokolov | Art Director
Dmitry Chabanov | Executive Director

Alexander Galeshnikov | Artist, Illustrator
Taisia Spirina | Designer, Illustrator
Anna Sitnikova | Designer, Illustrator
Polina Kozinskaya | Designer, Illustrator
Nikita Kolmogorov | Designer
Maxim Parfenov | Designer

Mikhail Kolokolov | Video effects wizard
Vyacheslav Petrov | Programmer
Sergey Malakhov | Commercial Director
Alexander Zinoviev | Strategist
Alexander Parkhomenko | Creative Director
Anna Remizova | Accountant

S—A team wishes to thank guest photographers, video producers and an amazing team of volunteers who made Stenograffia possible.

Credits: All media
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