Stenograffia travel to Ekaterinburg, Noyabrsk and Muravlenko

Since 2015 the festival created art projects in 10 Russian cities, from Saint Petersburg to the Tomsk in Siberia. We would like to tell you about our journey.


Let's start

In 2015, Native Cities, the program of social investments, joined the Stenograffia and since then the geography of the project has expanded. Our expositions we would like to present the art objects that were made in the amazing places of great Russia.

Italian 3D (2016-07) by PeetaSTENOGRAFFIA


For Ekaterinburg Stenograffia is a highly anticipated and major cultural event. Hundreds of art objects have been created over the span of 8 years. Here is a showcase of the most meaningful artworks created since 2015.

Don Quixote (2016-07) by Alexander BLOTSTENOGRAFFIA

"I fight for my ideals. Any artist struggles with imaginary rivals, and I struggle with those who perceive painting on the streets as harm". (с)

Neighbor (2015-07) by Eugene MulukSTENOGRAFFIA

The artist painted a good character who decided to settle in the house and became a neighbor of the former inhabitants of this house.

The Birdhouse (2016-07) by Ilya MozgiSTENOGRAFFIA

A neighboring house features two birds, as the artist found the house’s resemblance to a bird box rather appealing.

Environmental Graffiti (2017-07) by Sergey AkramovSTENOGRAFFIA

In order to blend into the environment, the design of the mural is based on its surroundings.

Monstera (2017-10) by Sergey AkramovSTENOGRAFFIA

Here author split the image into a few overlapping planes, thus creating a visually rich mural.

Taste (2016-07) by Sergey AkramovSTENOGRAFFIA

Artist’s idea was rather simple: the sight of ripe juicy berries should stimulate the viewer’s taste buds and induce a sweet cherry taste in their mouth.

Flower Teleport (2018-05) by Lera Razvodova and Anton KuzminSTENOGRAFFIA

The artists created a romantic project: juicy peonies blossomed on the fence, and a teleport to another dimension appeared in the center, which illuminates everything around.

Graven image from Easter Island (2015-07) by Alexander ZhunevSTENOGRAFFIA

Stenograffia artists happily utilize distinct forms; here a water tower was turned into something more inspiring.

Atlantes (2015-07) by Pavel ShugurovSTENOGRAFFIA

Another example of a uniquely shaped object is the bridge, which is now being supported by the Atlantes.

Atlantes (2015-07) by Pavel ShugurovSTENOGRAFFIA

Fifteen characters represent different ways of standing up to the struggles of life. Some struggle alone, some pair up, and some barely touch life with the ends of their hair.

Swallow's Nest (2015-07) by Alex-T, Ivan Sid, and SlaventySTENOGRAFFIA

We have struggled to paint this mural since 2010, but every time we faced some sort of obstacle. Finally, in 2015, this unfinished building in Ekaterinburg was turned into a swallow’s nest.

Dinosaur wash (2018-06) by SPEKTR, Taisia Spirina, RAYONS, Andrey Kolokolov, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Darya Melnikova, Alexander Zinoviev, Dmitry Chabanov, and Anna KletsSTENOGRAFFIA

Cute giant dinosaur mural was painted on a 1000 sq m wall, based on an illustration by Taisia Spirina.

George the Victorious (2016-07) by Thiago MazzaSTENOGRAFFIA

A Brazilian artist came to us to paint this mural. Saint George is present in Brazilian folklore; however, he lives on the moon!

Italian 3D (2016-07) by PeetaSTENOGRAFFIA

Italian artist Peeta is one of the best 3D graffiti artists. He is very attentive to wall structure and detail, light and shadow.


During our travels across Russia, we launched a paper boat that now follows Stenograffia from one city to another.

Postage Stamp (2017-06) by SPEKTR, Andrey Kolokolov, Alexander Guschin, Sergey Ivanov / Done / BombArtDirt, Dmitry Chabanov, Daria Melnikova, Oleg Skvortsov, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Evgeny Rudykh, and Anna KletsSTENOGRAFFIA


This was the second city that hosted Stenograffia. This is a northern city that doesn’t see any sunlight during the winter months, which is why bright colors are essential to the people of Noyabrsk. 

Meeting dinosaurs with comets (2016-08) by Natasha PastukhovaSTENOGRAFFIA

This is a moment of acquaintance still in process, a point in time with an unpredictable outcome.

Candy clouds (2016-07) by PLUSHEDELICASTENOGRAFFIA

According to the authors, this mural brings viewers back to their childhood when everything seemed possible.

The reader (2015-09) by Sasha Khokhlova, Dima Ruben, and Strong finger teamSTENOGRAFFIA

This mural is celebrating that special kind of inspiration that only literature can provide.

From the night to the day (2018-08) by Strong fingerSTENOGRAFFIA

This work symbolizes the transition from night to day, from cold to heat, from ignorance to knowledge.

Friendship (2018-08) by SPEKTR TEAM, Anna Sitnikova, Pavel Dorofeev, Taisia Spirina, Andrey Kolokolov, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Anna Klets, Daria Melnikova, and Evgeny RydukhSTENOGRAFFIA

Friendship is a story about warm feelings and close connection between man and nature in cold conditions.

Ural Truck (2017-06) by STENOGRAFFIA TEAM, Andrey Kolokolov, Andrey Toporov, Dmitry Chabanov, Anna Klets, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Daria Melnikova, Oleg Skvortsov, Evgeny Fateev, and Maxim ParfenovSTENOGRAFFIA

We presented to children and inhabitants from the neighborhood a better view from the windows – a toylike life-sized Ural truck.

Postage Stamp (2017-06) by SPEKTR, Andrey Kolokolov, Alexander Guschin, Sergey Ivanov / Done / BombArtDirt, Dmitry Chabanov, Daria Melnikova, Oleg Skvortsov, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Evgeny Rudykh, and Anna KletsSTENOGRAFFIA

This postage stamp depicts the moment of Apollo module docking with the Soyuz 19. This is a symbol of international collaboration in outer space.

Paper Ship / Noyabrsk (2016-07) by Alexander Dergachev and Sergei IvanovSTENOGRAFFIA

A paper boat that sailed with us from Ekaterinburg to Noyabrsk!

The Reflection (2017-09) by STENOGRAFFIA TEAM, Polina Kozinskaya, Anton Stork / Rayons, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Anna Klets, Darya Melnikova, and Sergey IvanovSTENOGRAFFIA


A small, harsh town located in the vast plains of tundra. We were the first who had ever painted murals in this place, adding colors to the life of the citizens.

Heat of the North (2016-07) by PLUSHEDELICASTENOGRAFFIA

Inhabitants of the north cherish their native culture and try to celebrate it in any way possible. This mural is based on the work of a local artist.

Northern God (2016-08) by Alexander BlotSTENOGRAFFIA

Shamans are people who interact with the spirit world. According to some of them, God is the battle of light and dark.

Day Night (2018-08) by Maryia Rudakouskaya / TAKTAK crewSTENOGRAFFIA

The artist says that even the smallest thing has its own universe and our whole world can also be a small thing and fit into someone's small mug.

Paper Ship / Muravlenko (2016-08) by Alexander Dergachev and Sergei IvanovSTENOGRAFFIA

Together with our team, the little paper boat has reached Muravlenko!

Credits: Story


Anna Klets / Chief Coordinator
Daria Melnikova / Press Secretary

Anastasia Chvyr / Translator
Anastasia Ilina / Translator
Ekaterina Sitnikova / Assistant Coordinator

Evgeny Fateev / Stenograffia Creator
Konstantin Rakhmanov / Stenograffia Director
Andrey Kolokolov / Art Director
Dmitry Chabanov / Executive Director

Alexander Galeshnikov / Artist, Illustrator
Taisia Spirina / Designer, Illustrator
Anna Sitnikova / Designer, Illustrator
Polina Kozinskaya / Designer, Illustrator
Nikita Kolmogorov / Designer
Maxim Parfenov / Designer, Illustrator

Mikhail Kolokolov / Video Production Director
Sergey Malakhov / Commercial Director
Alexander Zinoviev / Strategist
Anna Remizova / Accountant

S—A team wishes to thank guest photographers, video producers and an amazing team of volunteers who made Stenograffia possible.

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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