The Margarita. The most popular cocktail in the world

Coctel Margarita (2021) by Casa CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

 What is the drink known as the Margarita Cocktail?

The Margarita Cocktail is a delicious and refreshing drink based on Tequila, which always goes well in any place or circumstance that is enjoyed. On the beaches, mountains, forests, parties, before or after meals and at family gatherings.

The Margarita is much more than a cocktail that is served in the bars of Mexico and the world, it is the most cordial ambassador that Mexico has and that has made its way to all tastes and nationalities on all continents.

Elaboración del coctel Margarita (2021) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

How did such an exquisite drink come about?

There are multiple anecdotes and legends that argue that the cocktail was invented in Puebla, Ensenada, Mexico City, etc. However, the true story has been shared with us by Don Juan Beckmann Vidal, president of the Casa Cuervo board, who personally lived the experience in Tijuana, the city where his family lived. That is why Jose Cuervo Tequila is the Tequila used throughout the world to prepare the Margarita cocktail.

It all started in the 1940s in Tijuana. Where Mr. Juan Beckmann Gallardo, grandfather of the current CEO of Casa Cuervo, was sent by his aunt Guadalupe Gallardo González Rubio who was the owner of the Jose Cuervo Distillery. The entrusted mission was to promote Tequila exports in the United States.

Coctel Margarita Frappé (2021) by Casa CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

At that time, Tequila was not the drink as we know it today, as it was not so refined and it contained 45º of alcohol.

Historia del coctel Margarita (2021) by Casa CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

The true story of the Margarita Cocktail

Receta del coctel Margarita original (2021) by Casa CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

Original Margarita Cocktail recipe

Variedades del coctel Margarita (2021) by Mundo CuervoFundación Beckmann A.C.

Margarita' s Evolution 

Currently the Margarita is made of multiple flavors

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