Traditional Dishes: How to Prepare Pastelitos

An essential for national holiday celebrations, filled with quince, yam, or dulce de leche

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Criollo Delicacy

This criollo (creole) delicacy, which, fried or oven-baked, is prepared using a crispy puff pastry, has strong links to the festivities of May 25, 1810, when Argentina formed its first government body that was independent of the Spanish crown. 

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It is said that when Argentina formed its first government, during that fall in 1810, some ladies at the time carried baskets on their heads filled with pastelitos to celebrate the event.

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The secret is on the pastry

The pastelitos take their characteristic form from the puff pastry. It is folded repeatedly over itself and becomes a light and crunchy dough, formed by layers.

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This same kind of pastry is also used in empanadas and tartas. And, in many provinces, as the basis for the traditional and not less iconic pastel de papa.

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The fillings

If the quality of a pastelito is in the dough, the variety comes from the fillings. The most popular ones are: quince jelly, sweet potato and milk, and in some places near the coast, it is made with guava.

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Considering its consumption in national festivities and being the perfect pair for a mate, it is safe to say that pastelitos criollos were part of the traditional Argentinian cuisine even before it existed as such.

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Next, we'll see the step-by-step recipe and the ingredients needed to prepare traditional pastelitos criollos. Try it at home!

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Pastelitos (2021-02-05/2021-02-05) by Juan Pablo LanciottiGustar

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