Origin as Certainty

A search for works that delve into the origin, the beginning of everything we know.

At a time of uncertainties, there seems to be a will of big bang, of return, of probing the beginning, the starting point in which the matter, space and time formed. 

Todo comienza con un punto (Everything starts from a dot) (2021) by Dina StraussFundación Itaú Argentina

In this sense, Dina Strauss investigates the stitch as a primal element, which expands, multiplies and diversifies, generating a constellation of interdependencies.

Embroidered stitches, grainy stitches, stitches to remember an origin and a future.

El revés del cielo (The back of the sky) (2018) by Silvia RubinsonFundación Itaú Argentina

Silvia Rubinson, in turn, draws in the dark. She is accompanied by a device that projects ecosystems in motion: a random starting point transformed into a random flows of lines on paper. Sketching the ungraspable as an exercise to rethink reality.

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Luz blanca (White light) (2020) by Mariana PellejeroFundación Itaú Argentina

Layers of jet-black oil are distributed across the canvas, producing a bright mirror where the light is present.

Mariana Pellejero's painting makes it evident that it is from the darkness that the light becomes perceptible.

Y entonces el centro se mueve (Then the center moves) (2020) by Damián LinossiFundación Itaú Argentina

Damián Linossi also starts from the darkness: from all the possible supports, he chooses a black metal sheet with irregular edges to project a post-capitalist evolution where chaos prevails.

A ritual in the light of the moon where the wild prevails over any trace of civilization.

Restos de ángel (Angel remainders) (2021) by Fede FischerFundación Itaú Argentina

The staff is an archaic element, a symbol of hierarchy and command. It supports the person who carries it and who is, in turn, a support of a community.

Fede Fischer investigates this symbol by proposing a surface - simulacrum of ethereal remains of angel wings.

ST 15 de la serie Rastros (Untitled 15, from the series Traces) ST 15 de la serie Rastros (Untitled 15, from the series Traces) (2020) by Luciana Pía FacciniFundación Itaú Argentina

To find in the ritual a ceremony that grants meanings. 

These bronze pieces are copies of the remains of candles that Luciana Pía Faccini collects in a sanctuary in honor of San Expedito, popular patron of right and urgent causes.

Untitled (2020) by Viviana BlancoFundación Itaú Argentina

To be virgin nature, to be with the universe. It is possible to imagine this primitive state through Viviana Blanco's work.

A figure melted into a soft surface: an idyllic state of harmonious coexistence between the whole and its parts.

Invocación (Invocation) (2020) by Bruno CeballosFundación Itaú Argentina

In an invocation ritual, Bruno Ceballos records acting together with nature, a worldview converted into a stone sculpture: an archaic gesture to rejoin the world.

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Fundación Itaú Argentina
José Pagés
Clarice Bentolila
Anabella Ciana
Alejandra Saldías
Nancy Chappe
María Florencia Trotta
Mariana Coluccio
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María Menegazzo and Magdalena Mosquera.  
Text credits, Curatorship and Coordination 12th Itaú Visual Arts Award.

Celina Marco
Coordination Google Arts & Culture

Valentina Bonelli

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