The beauty of ballet 

I have chosen to put these images together because of my passion for ballet. I believe ballet is a beautiful form of dance and through art its beauty can be demonstrated in many ways. In my exhibit I have placed images with different mediums, as well as different types of images all around the same topic. Some images are paintings, others modern photographs as well as one sculpture image. As you will be able to see, all images revolve around the same concept, which is ballet. I have set the images up as a timeline through the process of ballet. The beginning image starts with a rehearsal, that then leads into a ballet, following with an intermission. I have added two contemporary images to complete the exhibit with a final image of a different type of medium, sculpture. Although, all images portray a different moment within the process of ballet. The first image, was painted in a brown and white colour which can help demonstrate an older time period. These colours almost resemble the sepia photo filter which is used to give images an older look to them. The ballerina's are painted in a very graceful way in their stances and yet the image is very true to reality as to how the beginning of a ballet rehearsal would go. The way that the theatre walls are painted, appear very old style and are not modernly designed hinting that this is an old architectural building. The second image, is an image which is demonstrating what it would be like to watch a ballet from the audience. It is beautiful because it portrays the gracefulness and rhythm that ballerina's have. The way the ballerina's in the image are all in sequence, the observers in the audience. This image gives you the feel of the beauty within watching a ballet. Even the way the ballerina's are dressed suggests an old style ballet, and shows the posture and portrays them almost like angels. In the third image, which the title demonstrates is during an intermission on stage, you can see how the colouring used to paint the ballerina's is a pinky colour. This may help represent that the ballerina's are tired and hot from the beginning performance. The way the man in the image is dressed demonstrates that this was dated in the olden days. The hairstyling and outfits for the ballerina's also suggests an older time period. The fourth image, is more of a contemporary image which demonstrates a different more modern type of ballet. The outfits are not as voluptuous and the ballerina's are wearing some sort of head dress. This may suggest that these ballerina's are engaging in more of a story based ballet, where there is a scene portraying them as an animal, or object. This image has a different look to it which portrays to us that this was taken by a camera. This image does not look painted and so we can see that it is a photograph. This image also has a black and white tone, suggesting that it may have been altered to give it a different kind of look. In the fifth image, you can see that this was also taken with a camera and not painted just by the look of the image compared to the first three images. Different from the fourth image, this one is not black and white which shows that it was not altered, and also helps us as observers gain a better idea of what the dancers looked like, the beauty of their posture, outfits and dance. This images also incorporates two different races, hinting to us that this was taken in a time when segregation was not an issue. The way the ballerina's are posed shows us as observers the gracefulness that is portrayed through movement of the body. It is truly amazing. Also, the black background in the image helps make the outfits of the ballerina's pop and really help see the detail in what they are wearing. In my final image, I chose to use a picture of a ballerina sculpture because ballet is more than ballerina's dancing on a stage. To me it is beautiful, it is something I enjoy admiring. This final image also has a black background which I think is a very good idea as it helps the colours of the sculpture become really visible. Here, the artist was also able to portray the beauty and gracefulness of ballet by the positioning of the ballerina's hands, her face and the way the legs even stand on the bottom stand. It has a modern feel to it by the colours and the materials used. Also, by the shape and total sculpture it suggests this sculpture was not very easy to make and would take a lot of time, patience and detail to create something this beautiful. I have related these images to course content by providing images with different mediums and art styles. I have also provided a timeline to help better understand the process of ballet. While explaining these images and providing an analysis of each this was my hope to help create a meaning making experience for viewers of my exhibit. These images all work with each other because they all relate to the same topic, although are portrayed differently. Visual Culture is all around us and relating to many topics as well, we just need to always keep our eyes open. 

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