Black and White IMAGERY 

Black and white can tell so much of a story. Each artwork is created by an artist who did not need color to express their art. These images are of artwork from photography all the way through glass work. Black and white artwork is are timeless. 

This artwork is of a dragon circling in clouds.The dragon has some contrast in the clouds located above the rocks. Small colors of yellow are used to show detail. The image was created in 1937.
Image was captured using large formatted negatives which was a special style of the artist Rio de Janeiro. His specialty was landscape photography. This image was captured in 1910.
Some artist do not see graffiti as art. Many talented artist arise from such art. This art was created on stone using carving tools. This image was taken in 2014.
Yan Pei-Ming is most famous for his paintings of famous individuals . This couple in this image was created during the 2008 Olympics in China to show gratitude towards their generosity.
This painting is of a beautiful waterfall. The artist created this image by not using lines which usually would create the look the water.
Bathers on the sea side of Rome posing for an image.To the left the image is a negative.
The artist created these images with the use of only India ink. The images were displayed together each mountain having different detail.
Modern art created by the artist Aalto Kukka. This piece is made out of glass and was made in Fineland. This vase is white.
Credits: All media
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