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Metropolitan Mexico

Beloff was a Russian painter who lived and worked in Mexico City for most of her life. Here, she has painted one of the city's busiest streets, bustling with cars and people.

Parked by the park

The trees in Alameda Central, the city's oldest public park, are visible to the left of the picture, contrasting with the lines of parked cars nearby.

Coexisting in the city

The work reflects the liveliness of the area, with the dozens of passersby coexisting with the cars and the tram.

Hidalgo Avenue, Angelina Beloff, 1949

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Mexico's gift to the world

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The Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands holds world-famous masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age including the 'Milkmaid' by Vermeer and Rembrandt's 'Night Watch'.

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Bright Autumn day

This work depicts the recognizable Sydney/Melbourne Buildings in Canberra’s city centre on a bright autumn day.

Catch a ride

The yellow bicycles in the foreground are typical in the city of Canberra.

A cool breeze

Carrick's dappled brushwork captures a cool breeze and the colors depict a sunny autumn day in the nation’s capital.


The artist is well known for her brilliantly colored post-impressionist paintings of crowded streets, markets, cafes, and beach scenes.

Colonnades of Canberra’s Civic Centre, Ethel Carrick, 1944

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The Upper Belvedere houses the impressive collection of Austrian art dating from the Middle Ages to the present day. At the heart of the displays of art around 1900 is the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection.

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Olduvai Hand-Axe, British Museum

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How long did it take da Vinci to paint the 'Mona Lisa's smile?
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16 Years
'Mona Lisa' by Leonardo da Vinci, Rmn-Grand Palais