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A tour of the main abstract pieces from the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá.

artistic trend, especially painting, very close to abstraction, which is distinguished by a more categorical line abandonment and as defined and the use of unconventional materials like fabric, sand, fragments of found objects or textures.

It is time that the pictures tend to lose their flatness and become almost reliefs; Informalism influences, searches matter and to harmonize the picture layer are constant in the work of Manzur.
The moon, a goal of the conquest of space, becomes the protagonist with a series of overlapping planes that stand out against the rest of the surface, it is a sequence of motion when moving over the sky.

Separate objects may seem garbage or waste, but united take on new meaning which is set in the mind of the observer. Language, increasingly straightforward to communicate through shapes, textures and volumes.

The colors and textures from the seabed are the source of inspiration and reference for this work.

Cans, shards of pottery, porcelain tableware, plaster and sand are combined to form a work in which three-dimensional relief and mix.

A mosaic to contemporary way, you can say that your reference are the pixels, as if he had used a filter to sift the landscape.

Scrap iron and wood come together in this where the concept raw informalista sculpture on the representation.

This trend is characterized by a clear geometric rigor, his compositions are based on the triangle, circle and square, and its derivative forms, rhombus, rectangle, crescent, etc.

Fragments of handmade paper colored with natural dyes come together to set up a geometric mandala.

Raw canvas and black areas and red arranged in a cross refers to the emblem bearing the Crusaders in the Middle Ages.

Circles of different sizes and colors are structured in this work that can be cut any microscopic biological element.

Black, white and red are the colors that for centuries dominated human creations for the simple reason of being the most accessible, the carbon black, red iron oxide and white lime.
With purely geometric character, juxtaposed planes of color to build the composition; there is a remote connection with Tierradentro hypogea where few elements takes us into an atmosphere of mystery and evocation

The slots in the farmhouses of Colombia are the benchmark for this work which is related to the abstract Informalism.

This is a perfectly harmonious and balanced structure that generates multiple views, the gaps are an integral part of the work and expand their symbolic significance.

Modulation is a key feature of this work, repetition module emphasizes its volumetric and constructive.

Minimalism is also part of the abstract tendency and this work is a good example of how the plane could generate volume and visual dynamism with few elements.

Nature has been a constant source of reference for art, biomorphic abstraction appropriates and moved forms of nature in the areas of color, irregular edges and visual textures predominate.

The vibration of color is what attracts us most when we look at this work, blue and orange are colored by areas of black and gray.
This work is the predecessor of the famous sign that will become ubiquitous in his work with ingenious and creative variations.
Hernandez was able to stand firm in its abstract conviction and developed one of the most consistent work in this field throughout production.

Textures, colors, irregular shapes combine this composition is where the plans guide the eyes to discover the details.

This work has a marked expressionism in the form of paint application and its composition; without reference includes shapes, colors and very close to the plant structures.

This is a magnificent example of how the areas of flat color are juxtaposed to synthesize landscape forms.

Inspired by petroglyphs and the black, red and gray colors, a paint informalista is generated with a strong symbolic.

We can glimpse the influences of Analytical Cubism plans to build by the figure of a warrior, also white, gray and sienna colors reinforce the contrast of the planes.

The filling and gesture of the brushstroke present in this work give priority to the pictorial and chromatic what representative.

With clear references to the plant world, this painting uses color as a fundamental reference that accompanies a dynamic composition.

Here dominated areas of irregular and contrasting color reinforce the flatness of the picture.

One could almost say that in this work following a calligraphic brush strokes guideline, a form of abstract writing used as a pretext to compose a space.

Pottery with its three-dimensional language, allows us to have not only a visual but also tactile perception of the forms emparentan with nature.

New materials such as fiberglass allow artists to create more flexibility, abstract forms become dynamic, tactile and attractive.

The space race or the conquest of space was an inspiration for many artists, filmmakers, designers, writers, musicians, architects; spacecraft, forms of planets and galaxies, open your mind to new ways of seeing and interpreting reality.
Abstract sculpture built, one of the leading trends of this decade, in Negret one of its best representatives; this white sailor, made with semicircular modules together with nuts and bolts have a clear reference to a spaceship that crosses Earth's orbit.

Even with traditional materials such as bronze is possible to attribute the flexibility and plasticity found in nature.

Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá
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Works from the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá.

Curatorship, texts and selection: Gustavo A. Ortiz Serrano

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