By Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Colombia is rich in its topographical configuration and in the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art have works that allow to expand the concept of landscape from the conceptual to the stylistic.

Sombras de la sabana (1971) by Marco OspinaMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Marco Ospina was the first Colombian artist to introduce abstraction in his works, this savanna landscape is an example of the symbiosis between a synthesized trees and a naturalist background.

Agua Verde (1997) by Maria Cristina CortésMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

A pool of standing water can also be the pretext for a landscape.

Caminos de Viento (1999) by Carlos JacanamijoyMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

The unknown rainforest is expressed symbolically and dreamlike way in the Jacanamijoy´s work.

Sin Título (1976) by Mabel RiveraMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Exuberance of our flora and chromatic possibilities are present in the work of Mabel Rivera.

Paisaje, Luz Helena Caballero, 1997, From the collection of: Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá
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Another way to approach the landscape, where the protagonist is the color.

Paisaje (1997) by Luz Helena CaballeroMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

To see the detail of the work of Luz Helena Caballero, we are building a solid compositional derived from natural forms.

Páramo deGuasca (2009) by Juanita RichterMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Frailejón is the king of the Colombian wilderness; Walking in its entirety this work Juanita Richter glazed ceramic.

Sol de la tarde (2000) by Zambrano MolinaMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Capturing the landscape is not only used colors, the main thing is the atmosphere and this is achieved masterfully Zambrano Molina.

Paisajeando (2009) by Raúl MarroquínMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Landscape packaging? there are two questions, plastic protects? or contaminates? This duality is characteristic of the conceptual work of Raul Marroquin.

Xica la iguana de mi suerte (1967) by Angel LoochkartMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

With broad and gestural strokes, Loochkartt shows a landscape affected by personal experience.

Paisaje Lunar (2010) by Giovanni Sánchez TOTMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

The landscape lies in our mind, so TOT plays with his strokes, gestures and spray.

Zócalo Numero 7 (1990) by Ana DuránMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Colombian rural zócalos homes, full of geometry and vibrant colors, are proposed for Ana Duran.

Difrontismo (2008) by Mauricio ZequedaMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

The inner urban is also full of suggestions and dialogues landscape.

Serie San Victorino, Mutantes (1990) by Carlos RojasMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Various urban elements assembled, are the proposal of another town landscape.

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Texts and selection: Gustavo A. Ortiz

Credits: All media
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