Marubeni Gallery

Marubeni Gallery


Designed under the concept of "a space where the aesthetics of the East and West in ancient and modern times resonate with each other", the Marubeni Gallery is a facility where Marubeni's art collection, consisting of the three main categories of textiles, designs for textiles, and paintings, is on display to the public. Since its founding, Marubeni has pursued the aesthetic beauty of Japan through its textile business. Later, as the company expanded its business internationally, it also played a role in introducing western aesthetics to Japan. In addition to the history of Marubeni, the gallery showcases the aesthetic beauty of both East and West through its collection.

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Marubeni GalleryJapan, 〒108-8088 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Ōtemachi, 1-chōme−4−2 丸紅東京本社ビル 3階
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