Museo Soumaya.Fundación Carlos Slim

Museo Soumaya.Fundación Carlos Slim
Mexico City, Mexico

Museo Soumaya offers one of the most important private collections in Latin America with more than thirty centuries of art. Under the motto Art for everyone, it motivates dialogue and reflection through social commitment and action.
The collection is comprised of fundamental pieces in western art, archaeological Mesoamerican remains and Asian ivory. It shows Rodin's most important collection outside of France, landscapes and portraits of the Impressionism and European Vanguards. It also features personal articles of the Lebanese artist and writer Gibran Kahlil Gibran and Mexican art from the 16th to the 20th century. The permanent exhibition presents numismatics, textiles and applied arts as well as an extensive photographic collection and prints from the Galas advertising press in México. In all its venues –Plaza Loreto, Plaza Carso and Casa Guillermo Tovar de Teresa– Museo Soumaya.Fundación Carlos Slim has a cultural project inspired by the words of its founder Carlos Slim: let’s find a way to make every fundamental right and need accessible to all. We are committed to the development of Mexican human capital and talent. We aim to enrich and share art, world culture and our national history with everyone.

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Museo Soumaya.Fundación Carlos SlimBulevar Cervantes Saavedra esquina Presa Falcón, Ampliación Granada
11529 Mexico City
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