TSURUOKA, UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy

TSURUOKA, UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy
Tsuruoka, Japan

The city of Tsuruoka is blessed with a rich selection of food ingredients, provided by the majestic geography that includes mountains, rivers, flatland and sea, as well as the dramatic climate that varies widely in each of the four seasons.
Taking advantage of these food ingredients, the people of Tsuruoka have fostered their unique and colorful food culture by inheriting the local cuisine developed through the wisdom of their ancestors and constant innovation to devise creative dishes in both their daily diets and the food they eat at seasonal ceremonies, as well as in the creation if confectionery and sake. Moreover, the spiritual side of their food culture has been passed down through traditional events, which include an appreciation of food in the prayers offered for good harvest and affluent lives.
This unique Tsuruoka food culture is indeed evidence of its people’s devotion to keeping their “slow food spirit”.

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