Exploring the Maya World

A journey into the past with ancient art and digital technology

In collaboration with

British Museum

Meet the Maya

Life in ancient times

Love, fashion, sport and more

Kick-starting preservation

How ancient Maya culture captured the imagination of Victorian explorers

More images from early expeditions

What did 19th-century explorers see?

Discover the sites before and after restoration

"It was the unexpected magnificence of the monuments which that day came into view that led me to devote so many years to securing copies of them, which, preserved in the museums of Europe and America, are likely to survive the originals."Alfred Maudslay

The next generation of preservation

How ancient Maya sites are brought to life today

See Palenque for yourself

Take a trip deep into the Mexican jungle with digital technology

Watch your step

Discover the story told by the Palenque stairway

Enter the palace

The home of Maya royalty

A trip to the temples

Up close with ancient sites of worship at Palenque

Next stop: Chichen Itza

Tick a 'New Wonder of the World' off your bucket list

Having a ball

The ancient ballcourt at Chichen Itza

Where the roar of the crowds meets the roar of the jaguar

Visit the temples at the ballcourt

Follow in the footsteps of an explorer

Go behind the scenes

Explore more

Exploring the Maya world in Guatemala

More of Maudslay's adventures through the ancient Maya sites

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