The Culture

Learn about the art and architecture

A pilgrim's guide that's a work or art

Peek inside the first guidebook from the 12th century

Codex Calixtinus: The Book of Saint James

15 things you should know about the most important book in the route's history

A UNESCO destination

UNESCO declared the Way of St James a World Heritage Site on the 10th December 1993.

“The Camino shakes out your soul. It opens your eyes and you can see beyond the shadows. And the possibility of a miracle is part of a wonderful order."Álvaro Cunqueiro, Galician Writer
How many stone crosses are there in Galicia?
More than 10,000

Your final destination

Santiago de Compostela is a place of tranquility and history that invites you to stay there forever

Santiago in Six Streets, Nine Plazas, and Three Parks

Discover a beautiful, lively, and international city