All I Want

Over 240 artworks by more than 40 women: Explore the new exhibition celebrating Portuguese women artists from 1900 to 2020

In collaboration with the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

How do you want to explore?

Three different ways to discover the new exhibition

"Of the 40 artists selected for this exhibition, only six gained recognition in the first half of the century, providing a clear picture of the disparity that characterised this period."Helena de Freitas and Bruno Marchand, curators

The introduction

Discover the connection between the artworks and learn more about each artist

Starting Point

Meet four artists from across the generations

Make a gallery at home with AR

See these important artworks from a new perspective with augmented reality

The artist is missing

Two artists removing women's objectified bodies

The Place of the Artist

The same subject examined by artists a century apart

What does it mean to be feminine?

Feminine Plural

Subtlety vs provocation: artists from various generations approach the idea of the 'feminine'

See through their eyes

How the artists reflect their individuality

The Gaze and the Mirror

Artists who recognise and invent themselves in the act of looking

Zoom in

Put together the pieces of these collages

The word on the street

Looking at the Written Form in Art

These artists create visual dimensions with letters and words

The power of text

Where literature and art meet

The Writing Space

Deep dive into the literary production of great Portuguese artists

Building new meanings

The power of architecture and design


The politics and social aspect of design and architecture in Portuguese artists

It's alive!

Bringing nature and living things into the gallery

Le Vivant

Summoning living elements to the interior of the room

Where we live and hide

The House

Our complex relationship to Home Sweet Home

The hidden meanings

Politics hiding in plain sight

The Political

Voices rise up in unison

Telling stories

Movies and installations that represent women in Portugal's legacy

Collective Memories

A closer look at the women's perspective

The daily routine

Objects that belong to our day-to-day lives, but with a new meaning

Vernacular Daily Life

How does daily life impact women?

Not just any body

The Theater of the Body

The female body and how women contradict the male domination of it

All the senses

Listen To Me

Audio pieces representing the fusion between the artwork and the artist

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