Latino Cultures in the US

Be inspired by the contributions and experiences of Latinos in the US

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Museum of Latin American ArtUCLA Chicano Studies Research CenterBallet HispánicoArt Museum of the AmericasMuseo de Arte de Puerto RicoNational Museum of Mexican Art
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A vibrant culture that's shaped America

Explore the powerful voices, resilient communities, and deep historical roots of Latino culture through four different topics

The icons

The Latinos and Latinas making waves, from Broadway to the White House

Learn more about their stories

Shaking up the screen and stage

From pop stars to cult favorites

Meet Ballet Hispánico

New York's iconic home for Latino dance

The big names on canvas

Contemporary artists illustrating what it means to be Latino

Explore more Latino artists

The powerful stories in Latino art

Art as a means of telling the past, shaping the future, and forming identity

Spotlight on: Mexican art in the US

Discover the Mexican experience through painting and sculpture

Frida Kahlo's US Years

The Mexican painter's American years fundamentally altered US art

Awe-inspiring murals

Gigantic paintings that tell stories of strength and resilience

Diego Rivera in Detroit

Rivera's tribute to workers and critique of capitalism

The deep roots of Latino culture

From ancient cities to Spanish colonization

Fighting for peace

Discover more about the Latino contribution to the war efforts

Latinos During Wartime

Women and men of the World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War generations

Día de los Muertos

Learn about this iconic celebration of ancestors

Heritage on a plate

Sometimes, a tortilla is more than a tortilla

The modern Latino experience

Learn more about the communities of the present

Telling their story

A look at the Latino experience through poetry, photography and fashion

The neighborhoods

The areas bursting with Latino history and culture

Contemporary culture

A look at American-Hispanic culture today

Spotlight on Latina strength

Hear more about the experiences of iconic Latina actresses

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