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Portal MUD - Dance Museum

Portal MUD is an online platform developed for those who make dance happen in Brazil! Everything about dance at your fingertips: history, memory, news, event promotion, a directory of professionals, academies, companies, and the dissemination of methodologies by renowned Brazilian instructors. All services are offered online and can be enjoyed at any time and from anywhere. It all began with the Dance Museum (MUD), which was born in 2014 with the purpose of recounting and preserving the history of dance, recognizing it as an important body of knowledge and cultural heritage. Throughout this journey, our main mission has been to compile and keep the memory of dance alive. However, this journey has taken new directions, expanded routes, opened pathways, and today, MUD has amplified its voice. More than just guardians and disseminators of the history of dance, we aim to cast a new perspective on this body of knowledge, as an art and a profession. Therefore, we have launched the MUD Portal – an initiative with four essential pillars: DANCE MUSEUM – Memory in motion A portal dedicated to preserving the memory of Brazilian dance through the virtual sharing of historical collections. DANCE LABORATORY – Movement for all A portal designed to enhance learning, creativity, and innovation through online dance classes, spreading methodologies and the knowledge of great masters among academies, teachers, students, professionals, and dance enthusiasts. DANCE DIRECTORY – Movement and opportunities A collaborative portal that maps the dance sector in Brazil, bringing together and presenting spaces, academies, companies, and the professionals who contribute to dance in the country. DANCE CALENDAR – Calendar of movement A collaborative portal for promoting shows, courses, workshops, lectures, forums, performances, open rehearsals, auditions, and other dance-related events taking place in Brazil. As Portal MUD, we recognize dance as an invaluable intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Therefore, through our actions, we aim to inaugurate and encourage projects that preserve and promote the dissemination of dance. Dance is knowledge, art, and a profession.

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