Gender and Dissidencies

This group of works deals with issues related to gender and dissidencies from multiple processes and materialities.

Bastón presidencial (Presidential scepter) (2021) by Gabri AlarcónFundación Itaú Argentina

Gabri Alarcón's object is a translation of the presidential cane into a crochet work, an operation in which the artist translates firm objects from the heteronormative political regime into soft tissue.

A parody of symbols as a form of poetic justice.

A Necessary Overflow is a staging in which the artist destroys objects that she herself makes with her hands.

Daughter and granddaughter of women who, like many others, suffered gender violence in the family, Ariela Naftal turns the urgency of the break into a metaphor.
2nd Acquisition Prize. 12th Itaú Cultural Visual Arts Award

Lila Lisenberg's video, Intimate Exploration of the Sensitive, is an ethnographic essay on sexist micro-violence. With a background noise, words and phrases are assembled and disassembled, showing that language is a field of meanings to be denaturalized.

Reglas de camuflaje y supervivencia (Camouflage and survival rules) (2020) by Nico Rodríguez SosaFundación Itaú Argentina

The photographs by Nico Rodríguez Sosa from Misiones are a record of a performance where costumes and movements merge, queerifying the landscape. A scene where desire harmonizes everything that the heteronorm oppresses and despises.

Al final del Verano (At the end of the summer) (2021) by Daniel JuarezFundación Itaú Argentina

Daniel Juarez, in turn composes his collage with cutouts of bodies, taken from gay porn magazines.

A work made with forbidden images that began to circulate in the early 1980s and became tools of understanding, acceptance and pride.

In The Day I Got a Washing Machine, a woman in an "office" outfit walks through the mountains while she gets rid of all her belongings. Milagros Ailén Baraldi's video proposes us to rethink what we lose when trying to have everything under control. A metaphor of liberation.

Composición II de la serie Refugios (Composition II from the series Refuges) Composición II de la serie Refugios (Composition II from the series Refuges) (2020) by Tamara GoldenbergFundación Itaú Argentina

Tamara Goldenberg's work is the product of isolation and the artist's need to surround herself with accompanying images.

Composición II de la serie Refugios (Composition II from the series Refuges)Fundación Itaú Argentina

These charms contain images of Argentine female artists that Goldenberg wore as an amulet.

The power of the image and its fetishization.

Verde (Green) (2021) by Mónica JacoboOriginal Source: Access link to artwork

VERDE (Green) is a video game in which a green heart represents the feminist struggle against patriarchy: each letter of this word must be drawn to obtain points. In this work, Mónica Jacobo offers a playful way to re-politicize existence and thus, rethink the world.
Access link to artwork
Mention. Category: Art in Social Media. 12th Itaú Artes Visuales Award.  

Credits: Story

Fundación Itaú Argentina

José Pagés
Clarice Bentolila
Anabella Ciana
Alejandra Saldías
Nancy Chappe
María Florencia Trotta
Mariana Coluccio
Mariano Pastore

María Menegazzo and Magdalena Mosquera.  
Text credits, Curatorship and Coordination 12th Itaú Visual Arts Award.

Celina Marco
Coordination Google Arts & Culture

Valentina Bonelli

Credits: All media
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