Brilliant Beadwork From The Brave Beaders Of Carakana

Discover contemporary takes on traditional beadwork made by the women of Carakana

White and Gold Basket with Yellow Scarf and Beaded Sandals (2022/2022) by MwanziaOriginal Source: Carakana

The Carakana initiative and the role of beadwork

Carakana is a social enterprise which facilitates the transfer and preservation of indigenous skills. This is achieved through the production of quality handmade items for sustainable livelihoods of vulnerable groups. This story outlines the role of beading for Carakana's women.

Brown Basket with Black and Gold Beadwork with A Yellow Beaded Scarf (2021/2022) by KiiluOriginal Source: Carakana

A New Perspective

"I am Kiilu, a mother of two. I dropped out of school when I got pregnant. I had always wanted to get into fashion, so I learned tailoring from an aunt. It was a struggle to keep the business afloat. It was an answered prayer when Carakana came teach us on value addition."

Brown Beaded Basket with Green, Yellow, Black and White Beadwork (2021/2022) by DorothyOriginal Source: Carakana

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

"I am Dorothy, a single mother of one. I had given up on weaving and started working as a house help. When Carakana trained us, I finally saw light at the end of the tunnel. I resumed weaving, this has ensured my child has a chance at good education because I can now afford it."

Brown Beaded Basket with Beaded Sandals (2021/2022) by MwanziaOriginal Source: Carakana

New Ways, New Doors

"I am Mwanzia,  I learned how to weave as a young girl, now, I am a grandmother in my sixties. When Carakana came we were encouraged because we had so much stock and not many ideas on value addition, but now we are learning new ways and they have opened new doors for us."

Brown Basket with Beadwork (2021/2022) by BethOriginal Source: Carakana

We Don't Want Our Culture To Die With Us

"I am Beth, I have been weaving for years now. It is a skill that I learned from my late mother. It has not only been a source of income but a way of living for us. I am grateful that Carakana came to our aid and is going to help us pass this skill to the next generation."

Orange and Brown Basket with Beads (2021/2022) by SaidaOriginal Source: Carakana

Restored Hope

"I am Saida, I started weaving a few months ago when Carakana visited. Despite growing up seeing our parents and grandparents stitching, I never thought I would stitch for a living. After college I couldn't get a job which resulted in depression. Now, my hope has been restored."

Brown Basket Collage With Orange Beadwork (2021/2022) by ElisaOriginal Source: Carakana

Not Giving Up

"I am Elisa, I have job hunted since I finished high school education but I have not been very successful. I had been discouraged as my mother couldn't afford college. But now, am saving up for my education and I have a target to embark on my studies in less than a year's time."

White and Gold Beaded Basket (2022/2022) by JoyceOriginal Source: Carakana

A Place Of Solace

"I am Joyce, a single mother of two who has walked out of an abusive marriage. Weaving has always been a place of solace for me. Carakana took us through value addition training, it has been a breakthrough for us financially. I am eternally grateful to God for Carakana"

Other Beadwork (2022/2022) by KiiluOriginal Source: Carakana

Beautiful Beadwork

A sample of a beautiful beaded accessory that has been made by vulnerable women. This can be used to accessorize many things such as baskets, bags.

Multi - Beaded Dog Collars (2022/2022) by KiiluOriginal Source: Carakana

Beautiful and Colourful Beaded Dog Collars

Our canine friends can also look beautiful with this accessorized beaded dog collars.

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