Meet: John Cherry

The Cherry family are pioneers of Regenerative Agriculture. Here, John talks about their journey and how they came to establish Groundswell; the Regenerative Agriculture show

Meet John Cherry

The Cherry Family are regenerative farmers from Hertfordshire and founders of the conference Groundswell. 

Groundswell - Welcome - John Cherry (2021-10-10) by John Cherry and Soil HeroesSoil Heroes

Soil Magic - John Cherry

The Magic of Soil - John Cherry

Leonardo Da Vinci once said 'We know more about the stars in the sky than the soil under our feet'.

5 Principles of Regenerative Agriculture - John Cherry (2021-10-10) by John Cherry and Groundswell AgricultureSoil Heroes

The 5 Principles of Regenerative Agriculture

We replicate the processes of nature:

1) She is abundantly diverse
2) Livestock circulates nutrients and feeds the soil 
3) Soil is always covered
4) Soil is disturbed only when absolutely necessary
5) Roots build an ecosystem for below-ground life. 

Groundswell - John Cherry

Groundswell - the Regenerative Agriculture Show and Conference.

The national event provides a forum for farmers and anyone interested in food production or the environment to learn about the theory and practical applications of Regenerative Agriculture.

Groundswell - Jon Cherry (2021-10-10) by John Cherry and Soil HeroesSoil Heroes

Groundswell is a practical show aimed at anyone who wants to understand the farmer’s core asset, the soil, and make better informed decisions. It is a two-day event featuring talks, forums and discussions from leading international soil health experts.

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