Water: Droughts, Floods, and Balance

When a farmer looks out his window, he is checking for rain. It is a vital element in producing food. But it can also bring catastrophe. Healthy soils bring balance.

Water - Extreme Events by Jurgita Vas (2021-10-01) by Jurgita VasSoil Heroes

Pim Dik - Intro

On Extreme Events - Pim Dik

Pim Dik from Wageningen University talks to us about the importance of soil and how it can help us in extreme weather events such as flooding or drought.

Water Erosion (2021-10-10) by Soil HeroesSoil Heroes

The soil must be covered at all times by plants. Without the roots holding the soil in place, water flushes the soil (and its fertility) into the nearest water way.

Water - Water Retention by Jurgita Vas (2021-10-01) by Jurgita VasSoil Heroes

What is water retention? - Pim Dik

What is Water Retention? - Pim Dik

Plants need water to function. There is a need for water to be available. Soil is like a sponge; in a drought and in a flood, it holds water. 

Water Contrast (2021-10-10) by Tim Williams, Erth Farmer and Soil HeroesSoil Heroes

Here, soil on the left is pre-regenerative, full of soil erosion.

Soil on the right is after 12 months of regenerative management - cover cropping, mob grazing, and zero chemicals. 

Same soil type. Polar opposite management practices. 

Photo courtesy of Tim Willliams

Charles Massey - Water Retention (2021-10-01) by Charles Massy and Soil HeroesSoil Heroes

On Water - Charles Massey

The Importance of the Water Cycle - Charles Massy

Dr Charles Massy talks to us about how managed in the face of a drought. The image above is a border between a dust-bowl conventional farm and a rich regenerative farm. 

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