Meet: Pierre-Yves Van Haute

La Falize is a certified organic estate in Belgium, but Pierre-Yves wants to go further and become one of the first Regenerative Organic farms in Europe.

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La Falize - Sign (2021-10-10) by La FalizeSoil Heroes


Meet Pierre Yves and La Falize

In the heart of the Namur region, Domaine la Falize counts more than 200 hectares of forests and arable land. For the past 20 years they have cultivated the land organically. 

La Falize - Market Garden (2021-10-10) by La FalizeSoil Heroes

'On Soil' by Pierre Yves

On Soil

Inspired by the vineyard, enhancing the soil becomes the basis for excellent standards of production. It creates better food, with increased nutrition and taste.

La Falize - Sheep (2021-10-10) by La FalizeSoil Heroes

'On Going to Regenerative Organic' - Pierre Yves

On Going Regenerative Organic

Organic can only take you so far when you are looking at your soil. Because of weeds, organic farms plough the land. However, this disturbance has disruptive consequences for the soil's health. Regenerative Organic, a new certified standard, goes beyond organic.

La Falize - Carrots (2021-10-10) by La FalizeSoil Heroes

"On Farmers" - Pierre Yves

On Conventional and Organic Farmers

"There are good conventional farmers and bad conventional farmers. There are good organic farmers and bad organic farmers ... The devil is in the details". There is nuance in the argument.

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