Meet: Fred & Carl Krefting

Showsley Farm, Northamptonshire, is on the regenerative journey. Here, Carl and Fred talk about how they feel about succession as farming faces an uncertain future.

By Soil Heroes

Meet Carl and Fred Krefting

Father and Son team, Carl and Fred, have been farming regeneratively in Northamptonshire.

Carl & Fred - Showsley Farm - Wheat (2021-10-10) by Carl & Fred KreftingSoil Heroes

'How do you feel about soil?' - Carl & Fred Krefting

'On Soil'

Soil is a fundamental asset that upholds the crops of Showsley Farm. Improving soil health takes a change of mindset and an investment of time.

Carl & Fred - Showsley farm (2021-10-10) by Fred and Carl KreftingSoil Heroes

'Worries about the Future' - Carl & Fred Krefting

'On Worries for the Future'

Farming has a concerning future, we need to change and do things differently. Capturing carbon is an important role farmers can play in the fight against climate change. 

On Succession

The soil is an asset that is passed through generations. A long time perspective takes a multi-generational approach. 

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