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First Records of Table Tennis in Brazil (1902)eMuseu do Esporte

First Records of Table Tennis in Brazil

Prior to official membership as a sport at the CBD, the first records of table tennis appeared in 1902, in advertisements of specialized stores or even games marked at Club Internacional, in Santos. At that time, the sport arrived in the country as “ping pong”.

Officialization of Table Tennis at CBD (1942)eMuseu do Esporte

Officialization of Table Tennis at CBD

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, the historical records of the practice of table tennis in Brazil intensified, especially coming from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, with practice in clubs such as Light Tennis Clube, Fluminense Football Club, Tijuca Tennis Clube, EC Pinheiros, among others.

The recognition of institutionalized practice came with the registration of the “Metropolitan Federation of Table Tennis” in Rio de Janeiro, in the then Brazilian Confederation of Sports (CBD).

The character he complies with is Dr. João Lyra Filho, recognized as the forerunner of sports law in Brazil and first President of the National Sports Council, actively participating in the construction of the first sports legislation in Brazil in 1941, among other activities in the field of literature, right, journalism and economics.

First Brazilian Table Tennis Championship (1942)eMuseu do Esporte

First Brazilian Table Tennis Championship

The first Brazilian Table Tennis Championship was held in 1946, that is, almost 5 years after the official state of the sport at the CBD.

The headquarters of the Fluminense Football Club, in Rio de Janeiro, was the venue for the disputes, which took place between November 15 and 17 of that year. Representatives from São Paulo (capital) and Rio de Janeiro (capital and interior) participated, with official competitions in the men's suit and exhibition games in the women.

First Brazilian Participation in South American Competitions (1947)eMuseu do Esporte

First Brazilian Participation in South American Competitions

Participation of Brazilian national teams in competitions in South America, in 1947. Since that time, with relevant results on the continent.

First Brazilian Participation in World Championships (1949)eMuseu do Esporte

First Brazilian Participation in World Championships

The saga of 4 Brazilians, who embarked to Stockholm, Sweden, in 1949, is the first record of Brazilian participation in world class. Mario Joffre, Dagoberto Midosi, Ivan Severo and Antonio Correa were the forerunners of this journey, that in total 80 athletes in the world until 2019.

Foundation of CBTM (1979)eMuseu do Esporte

Foundation of CBTM

The founding of CBTM in 1979 came in the wake of a series of transformations that took place in the Brazilian Confederation of Sports (CBD), with the promotion of the independence of sports that were previously managed by the entity. Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro/RJ since its officialization, the entity had 3 presidents in its history. The first was José Pereira Antelo, who participated actively in the process that gave rise to the Brazilian Confederation of Table Tennis.

First Brazilian Medals in Pan American Games (1983)eMuseu do Esporte

First Brazilian Medals in Pan American Games

In 1983, in Caracas, Venezuela, Brazil won its first medals in the men's suit in Pan American Games, surprising the favoritism of American athletes and team. There were four medals won in that edition:

. Ricardo Inokuchi — Silver in the Men's Single

. Ricardo Inokuchi, Cláudio Kano, Acassio da Cunha and Aristides Nascimento — Gold in Men's Teams

. Cláudio Kano and Ricardo Inokuchi - Gold in Men's Doubles

. Cláudio Kano and Sandra Noda — Bronze in Mixed Doubles

The coach of the men's team was Mauricio Kobayashi, with Nelson Lopes Ricco as Head of Delegation. It was also the first Brazilian participation in Pan American Games, although table tennis entered the game program in 1979.

First Olympic Participation (1988)eMuseu do Esporte

First Olympic Participation

Table tennis entered the program of the Olympic Games only at the 1988 Seoul edition. And since then, it has always counted on at least one Brazilian representative in the biggest celebration of the world's sport.

Cláudio Kano and Carlos Kawai were part of the Brazilian delegation at the Olympic Games in Seoul, participating in individual and double competitions.

The Trajectory of Hugo Hoyama (1991)eMuseu do Esporte

The Trajectory of Hugo Hoyama

The great reference of Brazilian table tennis has first name and surname: Hugo Hoyama. Character who marked our history and designed the sport in the 1990s and 2000s, especially for his achievements in Pan American Games, together with companions such as Cláudio Kano, Carlos Kawai, Silney Iuta, Thiago Monteiro and Gustavo Tsuboi.

First Paralympic Medal (2008)eMuseu do Esporte

First Paralympic Medal

Table tennis entered the program of the Paralympic Games in 1960, at the edition held in Rome. But he had Brazilian participation only in 1976, in the Games held in Toronto, Canada, with 5 athletes, 4 in the men's suit and 1 in the women's suit.

The first medal was the silver of the team dispute in the Men's Class 3, formed by Welder Knaf and Luiz Algacir.

Paralympic Medals at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games (2016)eMuseu do Esporte

Paralympic Medals at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games

At the Rio 2016 Games, four more medals were added:

. Israel Stroh, Silver in Class 7

. Iranildo Espindola, Aloisio Lima and Guilherme Marciao da Costa, Bronze for Class 1-2 Teams

. Bruna Costa Alexandre, Bronze in Class 10

. Danielle Rauen, Jennyfer Marques Parinos and Bruna Costa Alexandre, Bronze in the dispute for 6-10 Class Teams

Current GenerationeMuseu do Esporte

Current Generation

Today's international results are the result of a work that began just over 10 years ago: transforming investment within the Rio 2016 Cycle. The Olympic and Paralympic timelines of this revolution are shown below and summarize a bit of this story.

The management and organization of Brazilian table tennis are also important topics in this trajectory, which is renewed every year.

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