Maracanã 70 years

Explore through the history of Brazil's emblematic Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

The construction of the house of the people (1948)eMuseu do Esporte

The construction of the house of the people

Maracanã, which was initially named "Municipal Stadium" was built in order to host the 1950 World Cup, its works were initiated in 1948 and its inauguration took place on June 16, 1950 in a game between the Carioca and Paulista selections . Carioca Didi did the first goal, but São Paulo won 3x1. Despite the inaugural game, the works had not been completed and at the time the 1950 World Cup began there were still details to be finished.

World Cup of 50. The joy that ended in sadness (1950)eMuseu do Esporte

World Cup of 50. The joy that ended in sadness

In the final quadrangular of the 1950s Cup, Brazil and Uruguay were faced and who wins it would be the champion. The euphoria of favoritism became the deafening silence of 200,000 Brazilians who were in Maracanã. Perplexed, the fans did not believe in defeat, turning to Uruguay with the Ghiggia goal, the Carrasco and the Hero of the Final. Brazil 1 x 2 Uruguay.

The largest fla x flu of all time (1963)eMuseu do Esporte

The largest fla x flu of all time

194.603 Fans crowded Maracanã to see Fla X Flu that holds the public record in a game between clubs. The match, the final of the state championship, ended with a few goal draw that ended up favoring Flamengo. The final whistle was given by the arbitrator Cláudio Magalhães, after defense of the Martial Goalkeeper (Flamengo). In the photo we still have Luis Claudio and Murilo celebrating the title.

Elimination for the Cup of 70 (1969)eMuseu do Esporte

Elimination for the Cup of 70

183,341 people crowded Maracanã to push Brazil into the game that would decide his ranking for the 1970 World Cup. The selection campaign in qualifying was exquisite and the "Saldanha beasts" did not disappoint in the crowded giant. Brazil 1 x 0 Paraguay with the goal of the king at 23 'of the second half. The anthological selection would still enchant the world in the 1970 World Cup conquering the trichamponate.

Thousandth goal by Pele (1969)eMuseu do Esporte

Thousandth goal by Pele

It was a penalty, and the responsibility of not disappointing the crowd that shouted Pelé, Pele, Pele, weighed on his back. The king thought until he did not charge the direct shot to the goal of the Basque Archer Andada, however the moment did not allow another player to hit that maximum penalty. In the end, joy and party. Pelé made the goal 1000, the only one and necessary goal from the match against Vasco who finished 1 x 0.

Selection Pele Farewell (1971)eMuseu do Esporte

Selection Pele Farewell/

As you know, throughout your career, Edson Arantes do Birth has shook the network more than a thousand times. Of these, 95 were by the Brazilian team in a total of 123 matches disputed. On July 18, 1971, Pelé decides to end his career with the yellow shirt, the game was against the selection of Yugoslavia, in a friendly, and how could not be different, occurred in the most important stage of Brazil, Maracanã. The match was attended by more than 140,000 people and ended up tied in two to two. Pele played only the first time, unfortunately not marking any goals. With your exit, both of this game and also the selection, all Brazilians have been with the desire for more.

Farewell to Garrincha (1973)eMuseu do Esporte

Farewell to Garrincha

Manuel Francisco dos Santos, the Garrincha, also known as the joy of the people. He started playing football for his factory, was soon hired by Botafogo and defended the Brazilian team countless times. He was famous because of his "pies" legs that have disconcerted the best players in the world. He had the opportunity to win with the CANARINHA the World Cup of 1958 and 1962 and was also for her where he said goodbye to the lawns. The departure that was known as "Game of Gratitude", aimed to raise money for the improvement of the financial situation of Garrincha. The match told the assistance of more than 150 thousand spectators and with the special participation of Pelé. The game occurred on December 19, 1973 and was against a combined athletes from abroad. Brazil won the match by 2 to 1. The Canarinho team having in Pele and Garrincha field has never been defeated.

America Cup of 89 (1989)eMuseu do Esporte

America Cup of 89

After 40 years without winning the competition, Captain Ricardo Gomes raises the Champion Cup of America, who had the right to victory over Argentina de Maradona with Volley of Bebeto and Gol of Romário. In the final against Uruguay, 1 x 0 with goal from the little one. Curiously the conquest of this bowl happened on the same day and month of Maracanazzo in 1950!

The tragedy of the bleachers (1992)eMuseu do Esporte

The tragedy of the bleachers

In 1992 the grill of the bleachers broke with which several flamengo fans fall into the chairs. The accident victimized 3 people and left 82 wounded. José Roberto Wright, a game referee, decided for the completion of the match, as he feared more tumult with the 130,000 spectators present if there was a cancellation. The match, final of the Brasileirão, finished 2 x 2 and confirmed the title of Black Rubro.

94 World Cup Classification (1994)eMuseu do Esporte

94 World Cup Classification

In 1993 Brazil had not yet guaranteed the vacancy for the 1994 World Cup until the last game. The selection campaign in qualifying was weak, with a defeat for Bolivia, including. Romário and coach Carlos Alberto Parreira had brigaded and the softly only returned to the last game after pressure from the crowd. The game with Uruguay was tense, and the two goals of Romário left only in the second time to take Brazil to Cup and enter for history!

Pan-American Games of Rio de Janeiro (2007)eMuseu do Esporte

Pan-American Games of Rio de Janeiro

In addition to opening and closing, Maracanã stadium was the stage of the title of the Female Soccer Selection in the competition, with a 5 x 0 thrashing against the US. The competition opened the country's eyes to the female football and for the Career of the Marta phenomenon that had already been elected in 2006 the best player in the world for the first time.

world Cup (2014)eMuseu do Esporte

world Cup

The climate of euphoria for the World Cup in Brazil and the expectation of Hexa Championship became a disappointment, after we suffered the thrashing by 7 x 1 against the Germans, which would be champions in a maracanan crowded against the selection of Argentina. The Hermanos invaded the city of Rio de Janeiro in a climate of joy and optimism. However, this time, Maracanazzo went to them after Germany's victory by 1 x 0 in the extension.

Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games (2016)eMuseu do Esporte

Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games

Brazilian male football finally won the Olympic Golden Medal, an unprecedented victory for the world champion pentation. The decision of the final against Germany took place in penalties due to a draw at 1 x 1 in regulatory time and extension. After Weverton's defense at the last chute of the Germans, he fell to Craque Neymar the charge of the maximum penalty, closing at 5 to 4 the match, conquering the title for the euphoria of a crowded maracanã.

America Cup (2019)eMuseu do Esporte

America Cup

Thirty years after the last America Cup in the country, the Brazilian team has conquered once again the title of the oldest football competition on the planet. Keeping the writing of victories at home, even under criticism, the team was the final against Peru after defeating Argentina in the semifinal. The victory over the Peruvians was 3x1.

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