Cross Stitching Artworks At Carakana

Artistically cross stitched pieces created with love by vulnerable members of Carakana.

Bamboo Stems (2018/2018) by GloriaOriginal Source: Carakana

Art and transformation at Carakana

Carakana is a community based organisation that helps marginalised women transform their lives through the art of cross stitching. Here women in prisons, people living with disability and recovering from substance abuse share how they convert a needle and thread into an income.

The Last Supper (2018/2018) by SarahOriginal Source: Carakana

Changing Fortunes

"I am Sarah, living with a disability. My family and I used to live in a grass-thatched house that would leak during rainy seasons and my husband and I struggled to earn every coin we spent. Through the payment, I was able to replace the roofing to our home. Thanks Carakana!"

African Stick Women Pattern (2019/2019) by AliceOriginal Source: Carakana

New Found Hope

"I am Alice, a mother of one living with a disability. I used some of the money to pay school fees and some to begin a second-hand clothes selling business. I’m very happy to see people with disabilities being considered for this project, may God continue blessing Carakana."

Sunflowers (2018/2018) by RosemaryOriginal Source: Carakana

Nick of Time

"I am Rosemary, a separated mother of two, a victim of domestic violence. Since joining I have been able to provide for my children and found peace of mind following the end of my tragic marriage. Cross stitching has been a form of therapy. Grateful to Carakana!"

Ferrari (2018/2018) by ClaraOriginal Source: Carakana

Inspired Mother

"I am Clara, a mother of one. My son has always been my inspiration to do and be a better person. He is bright and hopeful; and in the future he wants to buy a car. The money paid has enabled me to pay his school fees and take care of him. May God bless Carakana truly. "  

Hail Mary (2018/2018) by Judith NagolOriginal Source: Carakana

Positive Mind

"I am Judith, a mother of four living with disability. I take care of my child, including my late sister’s three children because their father abandoned them. I used the payment to pay my children’s school fees. I am positive my future is bright. God bless Carakana!" 

Emmanuel (2018/2018) by Elizabeth SirmaOriginal Source: Carakana

Delivered Out Of Poverty

"I am Elizabeth and I am very proud that Carakana has remembered vulnerable women groups with this project. The money I’ve earned has enabled me to buy livestock for our livelihood. I no longer feel embarrassed by our situation because this has greatly improved our lives."

Jesus (2018/2018) by DorothiaOriginal Source: Carakana

A Long Way From Home

"I am Dorothia, a South African national and mother of one. Incarcerated at Langata Women's Prison for drug trafficking. I joined Carakana in 2018, I  have earned and been able to fend for myself since I rarely get visitors. Thank you Carakana for making it easy to cope."

Sunflowers in The Field (2018/2018) by SheilaOriginal Source: Carakana

Given Hope

"I am Sheila, a mother to 3 and one of them has cerebral palsy. I am so grateful for what Carakana is doing to support people living with disability, I can attest to how tough it can be, however, this project has given us hope and helps us make a living from our homes."

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