Artist Profile: Elinor Rowlands

Autistic artist's rich and vivid pieces from an unflinchingly feminine gaze



Elinor Rowlands by Elinor RowlandsARTXV

Elinor Rowlands

Elinor makes phantasmagorical layered films, performances and soundscapes to engage, inspire and mesmerise audiences of all ages and experiences.

She is also the founder of Magical Women, an initiative to create space for neurodivergent women in the arts.

In My Dance by Elinor RowlandsARTXV

No Way Out: Drowning by Elinor RowlandsARTXV

She believes her neurodivergent experience...

holds power and magic. Her work explores this power and sense of being through an autistic and ADHD lens.

Autism exists in her work intentionally, without being overtly placed at its centre.

Rainbow Nude by Elinor RowlandsARTXV

Elinor is a storyteller...

who paints in rich and vivid colours from an unflinchingly feminine gaze.

Each art piece has its own language and identity, telling a very different story from the next.

Rest Burnout, Elinor Rowlands, From the collection of: ARTXV
Overwhelm, Elinor Rowlands, From the collection of: ARTXV
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Tim by Elinor RowlandsARTXV

She is captivated by...

sensory art-making involving repetitive rhythmic gestures that are both ritualistic and seeing; involving her body as both instrument and tool, engaging with its intrinsic rhythmic drum.

Pink Sky by Elinor RowlandsARTXV

I use an array of...

painting materials, textured surfaces, inks and pastels to create rich jewel like textures in all of my paintings and illustrative pieces. I prefer to create using my fingers and hands because I like to feel myself journeying across various territories and vast landscapes.

The Dancer, Elinor Rowlands, From the collection of: ARTXV
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Unmasked 2 by Elinor RowlandsARTXV

My pieces reflect...

the quality of materials used through their extraordinary impact of rich and fierce brightness, hidden gems and delicious rich velvety colours seeping through elements that evoke the deepest emotion.

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