Artist Profile: Moontain

Jam-packed abstract pieces of the world through a neurodivergent lens





I’m a French self-taught artist sharing through arts, music and aphorisms.

PANDORAMA (2018) by MoontainARTXV

TITANOMACHIA (2013/2018) by MoontainARTXV

Since I was a child...

I always felt life was bigger and deeper than humans' physical limits. I grew up focusing on the details animating this whole, riding thoughts and mirages the furthest possible, falling in love with Nature’s natures. 

Moontain's patio, Moontain, From the collection of: ARTXV
Moontain at work, Moontain, From the collection of: ARTXV
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COSMOTION (2017) by MoontainARTXV

It all starts with...

the Pareidolic phenomenon (e.g. when you see forms of animals in the sky or trees).

It has opened to me the doors of the intuitive realities. This intuitive approach brings me to mix the colours on the canvas, observing their vibrations and the characters it suggests.

FLOTS DES ÂMES (2019/2020) by MoontainARTXV

Then come the lines, they can be seen as a metaphor...

of the course of life, through the ripples of experiences, they infuse the essence of the original movement, transforming souls into beings. They're exploring every part of the space, designing each entity by creating a mutual link of knowledge and destiny.

THE PATH OF LIFE (2019) by MoontainARTXV

When I feel the artwork is complete...

I observe them and try to discover their story. It leads to the writing of an aphorism giving an openly poetic interpretation of what is depicted.

IN-SECTUARY, Moontain, 2015, From the collection of: ARTXV
ESCAPISM, Moontain, 2015, From the collection of: ARTXV
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LE PORTEUR D'ÂMES (2019) by MoontainARTXV

Everything has the same origin...

In these works, there are a lot of lines in between the entities, they're not separators but veins creating links, some kind of river going everywhere in the space dispensing its energy and potential for reinvention.


If you remove an entity...

it will affect another, just like we can observe in life, no matter where you interact in the chain of events, it will have a consequence, which is the reason nothing is more important than another and respect is due to each one of them, no matter the look, matter etc.

FANATORIUM, Moontain, 2015, From the collection of: ARTXV
AGATHOS KAI SOPHOS, Moontain, 2015, From the collection of: ARTXV
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NASCENTIA (2021) by MoontainARTXV


is no more or less than other people, just the type or channels of connections are different, manifesting the need and love to dive into the essence of things, visible or not.

SLAVERSION (2015) by MoontainARTXV

Anything we can feel with our senses...

creates an even deeper sense.

It's not just something happening inside and automatically trapping one into its own world, it feels the other way, it connects to every other (worlds).

DREAMANTRA (2015) by MoontainARTXV

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