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Neurodivergent artists from all over the world. The heartbeat of ARTXV.



ARTXV is a global collective of neurodivergent artists. Our artists span different ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities, backgrounds and neurodivergences.

What they share is extraordinary artistic talent and the desire to tell the world who they are and what neurodiversity truly means to them.


Tara, England

Tara is an autistic, non-verbal abstract artist and the one who inspired ARTXV.

Her work reflects her larger-than-life personality: bold, charismatic and warm, challenging how society sees non-verbal individuals.

Tara is an ambassador or 'Gamechanger' for the UK charity Mencap.

RiiZe23 (2022) by Philip Edgerton (RiiZe23)ARTXV

Philip Edgerton (RiiZe23), USA

My art techniques include digital art, 2D/3D digital painting, vector drawing and dynamic painting. 

The inspiration behind my work originates from my life experiences that include my ADHD that went undiagnosed for most of my life and how I was seen as an outcast due to it.

Francesca Lawrence by Francesca LawrenceARTXV

Francesca Lawrence, England

I'm an autistic collage artist from Devon, UK.

I'm drawn to collage due to its inclusivity and how accessible the materials needed can be.

I took up collage during lockdown - my little autistic soul honestly thrived during lockdown.


Moontain, France

I’m a French self-taught artist sharing through arts, music and aphorisms.

The intuitive approach I take brings me to mix the colours on the canvas, observing their vibrations and the characters it suggests.

Most of my paintings take me from months to years to be completed.

Ritika by RitikaARTXV

Ritika, India

I am an autistic artist and media creator from India.

I specialise in acrylic and mixed media art.

I use sketching, doodling and painting as a way to process information, organise my thoughts and express my feelings, ideas and opinions.

Caleb Lewis by Caleb LewisARTXV

Caleb Lewis, England

I currently live in Yorkshire, England. My pictures are exclusively rendered in pen and ink using small dots to create the image (stippling).

Stippling helps to dissipate my nervous energy. It's an activity I feel I can reach my potential in free of impairment. 

Rianna Thomas by Rianna ThomasARTXV

Rianna Thomas, Australia

I'm an autistic expressionist artist from Melbourne, Australia.

Growing up with undiagnosed ADHD and autism resulted in relying on art as a source of expression and as a way to communicate with others.

She uses her art to interpret and understand herself and those around her.

Mind Fuzz by Mind FuzzARTXV

Mind Fuzz, USA

I'm a 21 year old, architect and artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My work consists of abstract, surrealist, and pop-art techniques.

As a kid growing up with undiagnosed ADHD I only ever found true focus when I touched pencil to paper.

Elinor Rowlands by Elinor RowlandsARTXV

Elinor Rowlands, England

Elinor makes phantasmagorical layered films, performances and soundscapes to engage, inspire and mesmerise audiences of all ages and experiences.

She is also the founder of Magical Women, an initiative to create space for neurodivergent women in the arts.

Silencio by SilencioARTXV

Silencio, USA

I'm a photomontage artist from New York with ADD and Parkinson’s.

I wear a mask because the focus should be on the creation, not on the creator. I have no interest in becoming famous. I just want to do good work that touches people.

Pin Girl by Amelia Kelly (Pin Girl)ARTXV

Amelia Kelly (Pin Girl), USA

I'm a 15 year old artist with ADHD and dyslexia from San Francisco.

My art style is a process of my dyslexia, ADHD and ADD. It's really just something I do for fun - it just comes to me.

Darren by Darren HallARTXV

Darren Hall, England

Darren is an artist from Oxfordshire, UK.

With ADHD, PTSD and brain injury, Darren sought out art as a form of therapy, self expression and a way to occupy his mind from trauma.

Darren feels lucky that his creative side of his brain is still so active.

Amanda Porche by Amanda PorcheARTXV

Amanda Porche, USA

I'm a NYC based artist, photographer and activist. Having left my childhood home and embarked on 4 years of non-stop travel, I found my home and community in NYC.

I began art as a coping mechanism for the pain and tragedy I saw around me and it quickly formed into a passion. 

J. Quinn by J QuinnARTXV

J. Quinn, USA

I am an artist from Nashville, Tennessee.

I have a rare neurological condition called synesthesia that influences my work, where information that is meant to stimulate one of the senses stimulates several of the senses.

I see sounds, music, feelings, and voices as colour.

Alice Banfield by Alice BanfieldARTXV

Alice Banfield, Wales

I am an artist from Cardiff, Wales. I mainly paint and draw.

I tend to draw silly, fluid autistic characters surviving in environments I consider overwhelming (socially, sensory etc).
Drawing helps me find the freedom to experiment before I begin to transfer it onto paintings.

Robbie IerubinoARTXV

Robbie Ierubino, Austria

My name is Robert John Ierubino, Jr. I am a US-born, autistic artist and Graphic Design graduate who emigrated to Vienna, Austria when I was 14.

I struggle with verbal communication. and talking with people and writing my thoughts are difficult. 

Through my art, I feel free.

Caroline McGehee by Caroline McGeheeARTXV

Caroline McGehee, USA

I'm an artist from Northern Virginia.

Being wheelchair bound for three years and without the use of my arms and legs, I had time to watch the world around me.

I now create messy and beautiful paintings as a reflection of my life.

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