What neurodiversity means to me

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Caleb Lewis by Caleb LewisARTXV

Caleb Lewis

Neurodiversity to me is the idea that people can be running with different operating systems, and this variability doesn't need a cure but a welcome. 

Torpor by Caleb LewisARTXV

Caleb Lewis (cont)

Recognising the existence of neurodiverse individuals, and the fact they may be quietly existing without inclusion opportunity, can help to include their unique array of abilities and perspectives as part of the orchestra that was incomplete without their instruments.

What synesthesia means to me by J. Quinn, J. Quinn, From the collection of: ARTXV
SHE - HARRY STYLES, J. Quinn, From the collection of: ARTXV
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Darren Hall by Darren HallARTXV

Darren Hall

Neurodiversity to me is where the cogs in my brain go haywire in many forms, reacting to all the senses in that one moment. Exhausting and confusing it can also leave me quiet and speechless but also can make my mind so hyper. 

Untitled by Darren HallARTXV

Darren Hall (cont)

My body is hyper alert and in a confused state, which can take many hours of art to keep the brain occupied.

Francesca Lawrence, Francesca Lawrence, From the collection of: ARTXV
What Neurodiversity Means to Me By Francesca Lawrence, Francesca Lawrence, From the collection of: ARTXV
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Francesca Lewis

Cloud Dream by Francesca LawrenceARTXV

Francesca Lawrence (cont)

After a lifetime of knowing I was somehow different, but never having answers as to why, my diagnosis was a liberating and validating experience for me. I feel blessed to be neurodivergent, and focus on all my qualities rather than the difficulties which previously set me back.

Robbie IerubinoARTXV

Robbie Ierubino

Neurodiversity to me is the acceptance of people with human conditions who are allowed to be included in different communities. Everyone thinks and acts differently, but we can do many other things too.

Robbie by Robbie IerubinoARTXV

Robbie Ierubino (cont)

I think autism has given me a unique perspective, and I hope it comes through in my art. As my senses are always on high alert, my understanding of the world around me may differ from others. 

Untitled by Caroline McGeheeARTXV

Camm McGehee

Neurodiversity to me is understanding what others can't. Feeling and experiencing the way I do with my neurodiverse brain almost 100% reflects on my work.

Alice Banfield by Alice BanfieldARTXV

Alice Banfield

I feel there is very little conversation for disabled artists to be present in the arts, and I feel each perspective is different but valuable to accommodate.

Rianna Thomas by Rianna ThomasARTXV

Rianna Thomas

Neurodiversity to me is something exciting and beautiful, and should be protected, appreciated and understood. 

Not Safe by Rianna ThomasARTXV

Rianna Thomas (cont)

I believe that neurodiversity often drives creativity, innovation and ultimately, change.

Elinor Rowlands by Elinor RowlandsARTXV

Elinor Rowlands

My neurodivergent experience holds power and magic.

The Dancer by Elinor RowlandsARTXV

Elinor Rowlands (cont)

Many neurodivergent people talk about wearing our bodies, wearing our skin, feeling in a second skin. I’ve been telling my family I don’t feel from here since I was a very young child, feeling alien, feeling like I come from the stars. 

Access for neurodivergent beings may simply be about being allowed to express themselves because this is the way they express the grief of lived experience. 

Silencio by SilencioARTXV


Neurodiversity to me is the reason we have art in the first place. Some of us are just wired to express ourselves differently than others.

Paradise (Chemo Dreams) (2021) by SilencioARTXV

Silencio (cont)

We’re all different from one another, and in that way, we’re the same.

Amanda Porche by Amanda PorcheARTXV

Amanda Porche

Neurodiversity is just the workings of my brain. You can't separate from it. 

Amanda by Amanda PorcheARTXV

Amanda Porche (cont)

So you have to embrace being autistic because it's with you for your entire life.

And it's not a bad thing or a good thing for me, you just have to live with it.

CrAzy-MoOdz (2021) by Philip Edgerton (RiiZe23)ARTXV

Philip Edgerton (RiiZe23)

My neurodiversity impacts my work and my life in various ways. Some days I can focus and complete tasks. Other days, which are most days, my ADHD weighs me down with more thoughts at once than my mind can focus on at a time.



Neurodiversity is no more or less than other people, just the type or channels of connections are different, manifesting the need and love to dive into the essence of things, visible or not.

TITANOMACHIA (2013/2018) by MoontainARTXV

Moontain (cont)

It's not just something happening inside and automatically trapping one into its own world, it feels the other way, it connects to every other (worlds).

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