Cross Stitching Cartoon Art And The Women Of Carakana

Bring out your nostalgic younger self with these beautifully cross stitched masterpieces created by vulnerable women.

Pig Family Cartoon (2018/2018) by ElsebaOriginal Source: Carakana

The story of Carakana

Carakana is a social enterprise which facilitates the transfer and preservation of indigenous skills and cross stitching. This is achieved through the production of quality handmade items for sustainable livelihoods and wellbeing of vulnerable groups. This story outlines the role Carakana has played in the lives of the women involved in the project. 

Winnie The Pooh and Friends (2018/2019) by Irene KatheniOriginal Source: Carakana

No More Illegal Trade

"I am Irene, a married mother of three currently imprisoned. The money I have received from stitching has helped me pay school fees for my children and also meet my personal needs. At times I use the money to buy medicine. I'm assured of an income, may God bless Carakana!"

A Running Horse Cartoon (2019/2019) by MukamiOriginal Source: Carakana

A Place To Call Home

"I worked on this cartoon pattern and it took me three weeks to complete. Through the cross stitch project, I was able to support my mother in building our house back at home. I really thank Carakana for giving us this opportunity, may God continue to bless them."

Sheep Cartoon (2019/2019) by LoiseOriginal Source: Carakana

A Little Goes A Long Way

"I am Loise, a married mother of six children. What I earn  has helped me to clear the school fees for my children, and bought a cow. I am proud of cross stitching because I can earn income like an employed person. I am happy and appreciate how Carakana has changed my life."

Walking Cow Cartoon (2018/2018) by Elis NyamaeOriginal Source: Carakana

A New Experience

"I am Elis, It took me one month to complete the piece. It is an art I have become very fond of because it puts something on my table for me and my children and the therapeutic nature of stitching that I had never experienced before. God bless Carakana."

Pig Dancing Cartoon (2018/2018) by AileenOriginal Source: Carakana

A Bright Future Awaits

"I am Aileen, living with a disability. My Parents have been struggling to pay my school fees. Over the holidays, I had an opportunity to join a cross-stitching group  meeting in the neighbourhood. Since then I’ve been able to work to help my parents. May God bless Carakana!"

Happy Pig Cartoon (2018/2018) by FaithOriginal Source: Carakana

Like Nothing We Have Experienced Before

"I am Faith, currently imprisoned. I have spent several years in jail but I have never seen such a project. The money I get from it has helped me a lot. I sent some to my sister to help her take care of her children and used some in here for my needs."

Dancing Monkey Cartoon (2018/2018) by YoshiOriginal Source: Carakana

Hope For A Better Tomorrow

"I am Yoshi, a young lady living with albinism. The cross stitch project has been one that has given me hope for a better tomorrow. As I stitch, I feel at peace and I have a source of income. May God bless Carakana"

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