Aesthetics of the different

If logic, science, and reason regulate our experience of the world, new realities are configured from magic, mystery and fiction.

Sin título, de la serie Goce expropia [Untitled, from the series Delight expropriated]Fundación Itaú Argentina

Alignment mechanisms that are displayed from diverse materials and imaginaries. 
Work and celebration appear like overlapped ideas in this installation by Lucas Tibaldi.

In the contrast between the frailty and strength of the materials we see some alienating logic.

Cena Show [Dinner show] (2021) by Milena PoloseckiFundación Itaú Argentina

Through drawing and ceramic, Milena Polosecki creates a crammed fantasy that, however, has some documentary features.  

The spectacularity of consumption and the alarming way in which we live in this planet and distribute wealth seem to be the focal points of this innocent dramaturgy.

En Cokaygne se come y se bebe sin preocupaciones [In Cokaygne you live and drink with no worries] (2022) by Rodolfo MarquésFundación Itaú Argentina

This object by Rodolfo Marqués gathers multiple references.

A frame made with the traditional plaster technique imitates the aesthetic of the early portable videogames of the 80’s,

while the painting inside represents a surreal-like landscape inhabited by machines from which food sprouts nonstop.

Abundance as a self-administered entity.

Alienated schemes, systems that exhaust. Is it possible to explore other models?

Un Ángel del Tiempo [A time angel] (2021) by Daniel LeberFundación Itaú Argentina

I an object halfway between drawing and sculpture, Daniel Leber gathers diverse symbols that build a supernatural being,

A time angel, capable of returning the world to its magic and  ineffable dimension.

Las hembras que me habitan [The females that live in me] (2021) by Paloma MejiaFundación Itaú Argentina

Intuition gives place to inalienable forces. Far from stereotypes traditionally related to the idea of feminine, Paloma Mejía releases this sacred quaternity of zoomorphic bronze hybrids.

Woman’s energy as a fruitful water spring.

Amanecer [Dawn] (2019) by Agustina LealFundación Itaú Argentina

The dark of the night hides mysteries and threats. Agustina Leal’s painting explores the city from the shadows.

The unknown, capable of waking up desires so inexplicable as uncontrollable.

 Some works give shape to unlikely spaces.

Salón con escalera [Hall with a staircase] (2021) by Agustín González GoytíaFundación Itaú Argentina

In Hall with a staircase, Agustín Gonzalez Goytía bases on backdrops that were used in photo studios as backgrounds for portraits.

A phantasmagoric scene.

The lack of a first shot makes room for a lively fantasy, filled with meaning.

In I am chased by the things you never said to me, Miguel Ángel Lorenzio explores the intersection between painting, sound, and movement. An excessive installation that operates from the horror vacui and unsettles any normative will.

Sé muy bien que hacer [I know very well what to do] (2021) by Sofía RossaFundación Itaú Argentina

With an absolutely domestic technique, Sofía Rosa unfolds a complex symbolic universe, formally animated by a punk aesthetic in its apology of simple, noise and precariousness of media.

Other works explore horizons beyond human.

Malevola [Evil] (2021) by Trinidad Metz BreaFundación Itaú Argentina

Like the monochrome of a classic frieze, Trinidad Metz Brea attempts a cosmogony of wealth and abundant pleasures by using biodegradable plastic as material, and 3D print as media.

An encounter between nature and IT, that challenges the traditional anthropocentric look.

Nebhundila I (2021) by Aurora CastilloFundación Itaú Argentina

Nebhundila lives in a fictional universe that challenges the idea of stability and identity.

In this painting by Aurora Castillo, body and landscape fuse and redefine in a permanent way.

Between them, they configure a spectral symbiosis in transit.

Credits: Story


Itaú Argentina Foundation

José Pagés
Clarice Bentolila
Anabella Ciana
Alejandra Saldías
Nancy Chappe
Mariana Coluccio
Melina Cools
Mariano Pastore

13th Edition of Itaú Award on Google Arts & Culture:

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Coordination: Celina Marco
Text assistance: Magdalena Mosquera
Production assistance: Cecilia Vecchi
Translation: Valentina Bonelli

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