Artist Profile: Caroline McGehee

Neurodivergent artist's whimsical, bold art through navigating chronic disease



Caroline McGehee by Caroline McGeheeARTXV

Caroline McGehee

I'm an artist from Northern Virginia. I create messy and beautiful paintings as a reflection of my life.  

Untitled by Caroline McGeheeARTXV

Untitled by Caroline McGeheeARTXV

I started drawing at an early age...

and shortly after I was wheelchair bound for three years, later on getting diagnosed with a chronic/autoimmune disease.

Without the use of my arms and legs, I had time to watch the world around me. 

Untitled by Camm McGeheeARTXV

I now create messy and beautiful paintings...

as a reflection of my life. 

Untitled, Caroline McGehee, From the collection of: ARTXV
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Untitled by Caroline McGeheeARTXV

These abstract compositions...

let the viewer take a step into my mind and experiences, using my emotions from flashbacks and memories. 

Untitled by Caroline McGeheeARTXV

Feeling and experiencing the way I do...

with my neurodiverse brain almost 100% reflects on my work. 

Untitled by Caroline McGeheeARTXV

Neurodiversity to me...

is understanding what others can’t.

Untitled by Caroline McGeheeARTXV

Being a part of ARTXV...

means a lot. I don’t feel alone, I don’t feel quiet.

I’m surrounded by a bunch of amazing artists, all of them are so talented and I don’t have to be quiet about my art and my disability anymore. 

I know I have a voice and my voice will be heard.

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