Procedures and materials

A way to approach the artworks is based on the techniques and resources that each artist choses and explores.

Azul sobre azul (de la serie Fotocromías) [Blue on blue (from the series Photochromes)] (2021) by Romina GarridoFundación Itaú Argentina

For centuries, artistic production has been limited to some techniques carried out with a limited group of media. Today, those traditions are reconsidered from innovative operations and share the field with unusual resolutions.

Photography is the fastest technique to reproduce the tangible world. But in Blue on Blue the image shows something immaterial. The effect of light remains sedimented on the paper, giving place to subtle chromatic values.

Through a strict method, Romina Garrido explores the photographic language  from its most basic components.

En el momento exacto o muy cerca de lo que se indica como final [In the exact moment or very close to what is pointed as the end] (2021) by Laura VoskianFundación Itaú Argentina

Laura Voskian gathers three silent records.

Images that reveal tenuous variants,

phenomena that show acts and consequences from the poetic of emptiness.

FAI0002 UntitledFundación Itaú Argentina

Marcolina Dipierro suggests an encounter of materials that emerge from the wall configurating a hybrid object with antagonistic associations.

A dialectic that explores the possibilities of autonomy and functionality in art.

CBN IV (2020) by Karina El AzemFundación Itaú Argentina

Hundreds of glass beads previously digitalized configure an abstract space where a virtual reality floats in perspective.

In Karina El Azem’s work, the distance between handcraft and digital language fades.

La defensa del organismo [The organism defense] (2022) by Alfio DemestreFundación Itaú Argentina

Some procedures explore the convergence between art and technology.

Alfio Demestre approaches Pareidolia as a psychologic phenomenon where a vague and random stimulus is perceived as a recognizable shape.

Video and drawing work as registries of this research: Link to video

Oficio es todo lo que tengo [Trade is all I have]Fundación Itaú Argentina

Through a serialized disposition, Emanuel Reyes presents an installation composed of 55 hand-carved wooden boxes.

Noble materials and handcraft procedures that update on the display.

Bart C-14Fundación Itaú Argentina

Discards are usually the raw material of the projects carried out by El Bondi Colectivo. For this work, they gathered pieces of vases of the Santamarina culture from the ground of Valle de Yokavil, Catamarca.

With it, they reconfigured a new piece that rests on an improvised pile of paint buckets.

Operations that attempt to question the will of museification of indigenous peoples.

S/T 7 Para Pablo en el cielo [Untitled 7, for Pablo in heaven]Fundación Itaú Argentina

Some materials are found and generate a powerful question, like the case of this sculpture by Andrea Nosetti.

What is an egg doing inside an export box?

Her work delves into the question about what is vital and the role of the artist. The box functions as a symbol of the art system and the frailty of the pacts that hold it.

El acto inmóvil [The motionless act]Fundación Itaú Argentina

Pablo Pérez Torres’ installation shows a border theatricality where diverse elements articulate in a space.

They are act and staging at the same time, evoking bodies ready both for domination and submission.

La Mazorca III [The corncob III]Fundación Itaú Argentina

In Corncob, Ezequiel Black represents an exaggerated corncob which grains are mirrored glasses.

An object of desire, golden and shiny.

Its symbolism continues to update, in a Latin America that holds on to extractivism as its main model for growth.

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