Potocki Palace

Cultural centre in the heart of Krakow

Potocki Palace is a cultural centre in the very heart of the city – a venue giving a new social dimension to Europe’s largest mediaeval market square. You’ll find the cultural cluster at 20 Main Square.

The ease of movement or a Moment with a pink shadow (2021) by Beata KwiecińskaKBF - Krakow Festival Office

An important address on Krakow’s cultural map

Since 2021, Potocki Palace has been co-managed by KBF and the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art. It’s an important address on Krakow’s cultural map, and the extensive programme of one-off and cyclical events includes book launches, discussion panels, workshops for kids.

Miłosz Festival in the Potocki Palace (2022) by Adrian PallaschKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Potocki Palace – a venue teeming with culture

Potocki Palace teems with life, music, literature, intermedia and visual arts events and meetings bringing together myriad circles. It provides a space for meetings between the public and guests at important festivals, and a melting pot for literary circles.

The view from Potocki Palace (2022) by Joanna GałuszkaKBF - Krakow Festival Office

A space filled with culture

Meetings with authors, discussion panels, presentations, banquets, workshops and press conferences are held at the Green, Red and White rooms – the most beautiful spaces at Potocki Palace – offering stunning views over the Main Square, the Basilica of St. Mary and Sukiennice.

Reading School at the Potocki Palace (2021) by Edyta DufajKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Open to all

Potocki Palace is a space open to readers, lovers of art and young fans of culture. The foyer has a library open every day and an exhibition space. Some of the most important rrecent presentations include the toy exhibition prepared by the Kraków Library and the Toy Museum.

Pałac Potockich (2020) by Robert SłuszniakKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art

One of the managers of Potocki Palace is the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art, one of Poland’s most important institutions of its kind. The gallery hosts regular exhibitions by contemporary Polish artists on the ground floor and in the basement of the Palace.

Participants and guests of the Miłosz Festival (2022) by Adrian PallaschKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Miłosz Festival – a celebration of poetry at Potocki Palace

Every year, Potocki Palace hosts events held as part of the Miłosz Festival – one of the most important celebrations of poetry in Central and Eastern Europe.

The programme includes meetings with authors, translators and literary figures from Poland and abroad, as well as poetry evenings, concerts and performances.

Meeting during the Conrad Festival at Potocki Palace in 2022 (2022) by Joanna GałuszkaKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Conrad Festival – literature from all over the globe

Potocki Palace celebrates prose as well as poetry! Every year, it hosts events accompanying the main programme of the Conrad Festival, including the Book Congress and events for kids.

Branding of Sacrum Profanum Festival in 2022 (2022) by Joanna GałuszkaKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Sacrum Profanum

Since Potocki Palace brings together different artistic circle, it also hosts events held as part of the Sacrum Profanum contemporary music festival. The space at the Main Square resounds with the latest music!

Wnętrza Pałacu Potockich podczas Festiwalu Conrada (2022) by Magdalena RymarzKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Home of the Kraków UNESCO City of Literature Programme

Potocki Palace is home of the Kraków UNESCO City of Literature Programme, operated by KBF. The main aim of the programme is developing and promoting our city’s literary heritage, supporting the local book market and popularising reading.

The adventures of a dry needle - a graphic moment of the Tatras Mountains (2021) by Beata KwiecińskaKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Literary Moments at Potocki Palace

Potocki Palace hosts “Literary Moments” – weekly workshops for kids and families held on Sundays. 

Hosted by Beata Kwiecińska and Marcin Dąbrowski, the events are a perfect opportunity for showing children that each new book can open the door to a world filled with adventure, joy and creativity.

Round climate tables deliberations (2022) by Katarzyna KukiełkaKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Megabit Bomb – Festival of the Future

One of the most fascinating interdisciplinary events hosted by Potocki Palace is Megabit Bomb – Festival of the Future. The event features discussions on the future and the environment, myriad workshops and demonstrations of state-of-the-art technologies.

Early Music Day Concert | ¿HAYDN ABARROCADO? | Bach-Abel Society (2022) by Edyta DufajKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Early music at Potocki Palace

Misteria Paschalia – Poland’s largest festival dedicated to early music – fits in beautifully into the Palace’s historic interiors. Traditionally, during Holy Week and Easter all corners of Krakow – including Potocki Palace – resound with music celebrating this special period.

Film Music Festival in Krakow 2022 (2022) by Monika StolarskaKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Meetings with composers

Potocki Palace hosts events of Krakow’s most important festivals, including the Film Music Festival. In 2022, the Green Room hosted a meeting with John Powell, composer of soundtracks from films such as Kung Fu Panda and How To Train Your Dragon accompanying two FMF concerts. 

The Palace has also welcomed the twice-Oscar-nominated Scottish composer Patrick Doyle.

Meeting with Ewa Bolińska-Gostkowska from Znak Publishing House conducted by Anna Wróblewska (2021) by Karolina MoskałaKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Festival Centre of the 14th OFF CAMERA Festival

In September 2021, Potocki Palace served as the Festival Centre of the 14th MASTERCARD OFF CAMERA Festival. 

The venue hosted meetings with representatives of the film industry, including a cycle of discussions dedicated to film adaptations of books and promoting links between the publishing and film industries as part of the Word2Picture programme.

Event in the Potocki Palace (2022) by Magda RymarzKBF - Krakow Festival Office

Po\wolna Sobota meetings at Potocki Palace

Po\wolna Sobota is a cycle of monthly meetings, held on Saturdays and celebrating simply spending time together, breathing calmly and perhaps learning something new. Each event focuses on concepts of mindfulness, relaxation and good living.

The cycle is organised by Kraków5020 in partnership with KBF.

A moment with Mazalda, the Queen of Colors - the searching for the Thread of Understanding (2021) by Beata KwiecińskaKBF - Krakow Festival Office

A space for all Cracovians

Potocki Palace is open to local initiatives attracting local residents regardless of age or gender. The venue hosts workshops, discussions and meetings focusing on social engagement and equality prepared by myriad NGOs, including foundations and associations.

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