Le MILAB, Mila's laboratory

The Milab meets the needs of the youngest companies

Milab inauguration présences by Céline RochelleLe Mila

Above all, we owe the Milab to the duo of Clément (Clément Praud, former president of the Mila and Clément Aubey) and their crazy ideas of development for the cultural entrepreneurs.

Le collectif Grünt s'apprête à s'installer dans le bureau Milab by Lucie MonrocqLe Mila

The idea was to develop a "laboratory" for single, isolated entrepreneurs with an extremely limited budget. The formula to meet their needs is a collaborative, no-commitment workspace that was missing from the Mila's incubator offer.

Mila 22Le Mila

The entrepreneurs thus find themselves within the Mila ecosystem, taking advantage of a synergy between them, and with the hosted / members of the Mila network, allowing to exchange advice, recommendations, experiences, good plans, and why not collaborations.

Inauguration 2019 Milab, Céline du Mila & Florent de Selvamonos by ?Le Mila

How not to celebrate it in music! The team of the label Upton Park installed on Emile Blémont street and the structures lodged in the main building of Mila gives the place with DJsets. The work lasted nearly 6 months in late 2018, more than a new skin, a total redesign!

Le graffeur des Kapseurs de l'assos AFEV et les enfants décorent le rideau du Milab ! by MilaLe Mila

On March 18, 2019, for the opening, the inhabitants of the neighborhood were part of the party with Eric Lejoindre, Mayor of the 18th arrondissement, Fréderic Hocquard, deputy mayor of Paris and the companies housed at Mila.

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