Time, Memory, and Nostalgia

Painting as a language of melancholy

El arte está colmado de declaraciones de amor (Art is full of love declarations) (2020) by Jimena Losada LacernaFundación Itaú Argentina

The past is unapproachable, it can only be accessed through the present. In several productions, nostalgia seems to be a recurring feeling to address what was once.

In some works, such as the still life by María Jimena Losada, the atmosphere is metaphysical and dense.

Sin título (Untitled) (2020) by Fernando BeltonFundación Itaú Argentina

In others, like the portrait by Fernando Belton, the old and the modern are hybridized to remain suspended in an eternal gesture.

Rojo (Red) (2020) by Paula PellejeroFundación Itaú Argentina

Red belongs to a series produced in different ruined places in the Buenos Aires province. On large paper surfaces, Paula Pellejero paints with a color that arises from conversations with the people who inhabited those spaces.

Then, with a piece of rubble taken from those sites, she draws lines on the paper.

A possible skin of collective memory;

Some productions recover historical chapters from our most recent past.

De la noche en que mis padres presenciaron un asesinato (From the night when my parents witnessed a murder) (2021) by Lucas JalowskiFundación Itaú Argentina

Lucas Jalowski's charcoal work refers to a night in 1966, when his parents, who were having an ice cream a few meters from the Cinerama Gallery, hear gunshots and saw a body collapse in front of the cinemas.

First Acquisition Prize. 12th Itaú Visual Arts Award.

On the pavement lies a student and worker from Kaiser Industries. A policeman had fired three shots at him in cold blood.

First Acquisition Prize. 12th Itaú Visual Arts Award.

His death sealed the union between the student and labor movement that led to the Cordobazo.

First Acquisition Prize. 12th Itaú Visual Arts Award.

Una mirada del Monumento al Descamisado (A view of the Monument to the Peronist worker) Una mirada del Monumento al Descamisado (A view of the Monument to the Peronist worker) (2021) by Rodrigo ClaramonteFundación Itaú Argentina

This work recreates, from a stereoscopic image, the panoramic view that would be seen from the Monument to the Shirtless, i.e. reproduces the vision at the height of 134 meters where would have been the eyes of the sculpture, interrupted in 1955.

Una mirada del Monumento al Descamisado (A view of the Monument to the Peronist worker) Work detailFundación Itaú Argentina

Rodrigo Claramonte executes, in this case, an impeccable exercise of symbolic reconstruction where the view takes the place of a thwarted monument.

The Animated Museum is a collection of animations based on self-portraits of 20th century Argentine painters. In this work, Cristian Segura uses Instagram in a gesture that updates inherited strategies. In turn, he brings into play frames of yesteryear with the logic of the contemporary selfie.

Access link to artwork

Museo animado (Animated museum) (2021) by Cristian SeguraOriginal Source: Access link to artwork

Mention. Category: Art in Social Media. 12th Itaú Artes Visuales Award.  

Arqueología de la memoria (Archaeology of memory) (2020) by Marcos CarriFundación Itaú Argentina

Marcos Carri's photographs superimpose two layers of information: a landscape and a double portrait. He juxtaposes two images in search of a new conglomeration of meaning, even accompanying them with a register of recovered manuscripts.

Archeology of memory pursues the past, rediscovers it, fully aware that there is no survival without it.

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