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A gathering of practices that, from different perspectives, question the idea of the archive.

Sin entender nada de este misterio besé a este encantador amigx [Without understanding anything of this mystery, I kissed this charming friend] (2022) by Francisco RattiFundación Itaú Argentina

generates a universal repository from which new images are elaborated in an infinite cycle.
Some proposals rework canonic images. Such is the case of this painting that reversions an 18th century print.

Francisco Ratti appropriates the scene, drawing it first on his mobile and later transferring it to acrylic on canvas.

From aristocratic poses and academic language to semi-naked characters that update through the digital gesture.

PIPISHERMAN in the spaceFundación Itaú Argentina

The arrival of the man to the moon is an iconic image that is printed in the retina of many generations. This event is revisited by the collective from Mar del Plata Pipisherman.

 If the NASA astronauts irradiated glamour and a promise of future, for this nylon astronaut the possibilities of getting to the outer space depend on a plug and the power of a vacuum cleaner.

Cura Morum. Work detailFundación Itaú Argentina

In Cura Morum, Gonzalo Egurza recreates a historical film technique and works with visual and sound records that refer to the censorship on Isabel Sarli’s films. Revision, selection, and edition: operations that defend the right to enjoy and sovereignty of the bodies.

Art history is an untamable archive itself, which has been ordered and classified arbitrarily by a few, thus transforming into A History, with a capital letter and singular.

The following works challenge that authority from minimal and plural narratives and repertoires.

Sin Título, de la serie Artista del interior [Untitled, from the series Artist from the provinces]Fundación Itaú Argentina

Sol Quirincich bases on an archive of artworks of provincial artists.

She selects details of historical paintings that art history has left aside and embosses delicate copper plates.

An intimate heraldry that recovers the small and peripheral portraits.

Constelación. Acciones [Constellation. Actions] Constelación. Acciones [Constellation. Actions] (2021) by Valeria LópezFundación Itaú Argentina

Valeria López takes as a repository immediate and close artistic experiences.

Interventions, performances, and encounters are drawn as accurate as possible.

Each situation configures a unique constellation, a human cartography that delineates bonds, groups, and affections.

Sueño de una casa de verano [Summer house dream] (2021) by Mara CasoFundación Itaú Argentina

Based on photographs from her personal archive and some taken from real estate websites, Mara Caso makes a “Pictorial record of architecture in Buenos Aires beach towns”.

Habitats for resting, built between fantasy and desire, become a critical catalogue.

Doña Votiva. Doña Votiva. (2021) by Favio Darío GutierrezFundación Itaú Argentina

Myths, stories and legends orally transmitted are the initial archive from which Favio Darío Gutierrez configures these votive scenes.

Narrations from flood areas in the Buenos Aires conurbation have a pixelated aspect due to a patient painting technique.

Inherited chronicles, an intangible heritage that turns into image and binary code.

Photograph as a source of an infinite heritage of nomad images that travel between memory, indifference, and oblivion.

Para amanecer mañana hay que dormir esta noche [To wake up tomorrow, we need to sleep tonight] (2021) by Sofía UngarFundación Itaú Argentina

By using edition strategies, Sofía Ungar suggests a sequence of registries and sensations that discuss the binarism fiction/reality.

File in transit [Archivo en tránsito] (2022) by Sofía DesuqueOriginal Source: Artwork text

File in transit is a site-specific photographic project. Sofía Desuque bases on an image from which several signals unfold.

This image is amplified and taken to a road billboard.

With time, the initial image loses some of its parts.

The outdoors becomes poetic in motion.

Ensayo de la intemperie I [outdoors rehearsal I] (2021) by Daniela MastrandreaFundación Itaú Argentina

For Daniela Mastandrea, photography is a mean to register the transit along diverse Patagonian landscapes. In this case, a central piece is missing from a fragment of cracked ground.

The missing rock in the photograph is shown next to it.

Presentation and representation, gestures to point at a territory in permanent reconfiguration.

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