Wind's Journey

By Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

Caminos de Viento (1999) by Carlos JacanamijoyMuseum of Contemporary Art Bogotá

In the Sibundoy valley there is mist, dew, storms, and blizzards. There, the fruit and leaves fall on the ground while the roars of the animals are heard in the distance. The branches crack, and frogs croak while thousands of birds sing their song accompanied by ancestral voices.

The Spirit of Things
Carlos Jacanamijoy Tisoy (1964, Santiago, Putumayo) is one of the first indigenous Inga artists to graduate with a masters in fine arts from the National University of Colombia. In his work he mixes visions and personal memories that are reflected in the luscious botany and prodigious plants like ayahuasca or yagé.

The most distinguished element in his work is the chromatic flow expressed through brushstrokes that crisscross, like the jungle lianas.

The objects emanate with spirals and energy that vibrate with chromatic waves.

Spores, pollen and the early morning dew are swept away by a sinuous wind that covers the entire visual space.

The jungle opens up like a galaxy with interstellar spaces, black holes, and streams of light that attract a multitude of living things.

The water droplets fall and explode over the trampolines formed by leaves of different sizes.

In this landscape with no horizon, everything comes and flows together. The spirit is charged with energy and becomes the most accurate sample of a hybrid identity.

Credits: Story

This piece was included in the exhibit "Hybrid Identities" a project that encourages us to discover our identities through the permanent collection of the museum.
Texts by Gustavo A. Ortiz Serrano
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá, UNIMINUTO.

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