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Ngarai Sianok

Just on the outskirts of the hill town of Bukittinggi in the Minangkabau highlands, lies this breathtaking canyon which the locals call Ngarai Sianok, or the Sianok Canyon.

Early morning light

The canyon is particularly beautiful in the early morning light when the first rays of the sun shine through the mist that covers this deep valley.

Mooi Indie

The style of this painting is called Mooi Indie, a style well developed during Dutch East Indies colonial times.

An naturalist painter

Wakidi studied painting since he was 10 and is well known for capturing the West Sumatra landscape through his paintings.

Ngarai Sianok, Wakidi, c. 1940s

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Located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History seeks to understand the natural world and our place in it.

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The art of water

What was life like before there was running water in the home?

Abstract shapes

In contrast to the soft, biomorphic shapes in many of Krasner's earlier paintings, a number of hard-edged abstract forms can be found in this later work.

Brimming with color

The work is filled with three main colors – kelly green, carmine red, and a fuchsia pink.

Geometric forms

The geometric forms used in Krasner's ‘Primary Series’ can be seen in this work, described by the art historian Cindy Nemser as ‘expansive yet contained … stately [and] slow-moving’.

Cracks and scratches

If you get right up close to 'Palingenesis', you can start to see the cracks and scratches in the paint.

Palingenesis, Lee Krasner, 1971

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The Latvian National Museum of Art is the largest depository of professional art in Latvia. Museum regularly holds art exhibitions, scientific conferences, and cultural events.

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'The Starry Night' by Vincent van Gogh, MoMA