Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015

Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015
Milano, Italy

Representing Italy at Expo 2015 was no easy task: Italy being the host country, the Pavilion – occupying one fifth of the overall exhibit space – stood at the very heart of the visitor experience for the over 21 million people who flocked to the site.
We met this challenge by involving public and private actors, regions, local areas, chambers of commerce, enterprises, associations, and the world of research and education, as well as leading Italian creatives and other talents.
To achieve these goals, Diana Bracco, Commissioner General for the Italian Pavilion, collected, from the definition stage of the project onwards, as many ideas as possible as she wanted these to be the real protagonists of the Universal Exposition: a real “Tour of Italy” made together with Giuseppe De Rita, President of Censis Foundation, Aldo Bonomi, President of Aaster and Marco Balich, Artistic Director of the Italian Pavilion.
This mobilization also involved thousands of enterprises. Many useful suggestions came from the important research conducted for the Italian Pavilion by CENSIS: a wide-ranging investigation that shed light, among other things, on the younger generations’ relationship with food.
Young people represented the main target of the Italian Pavilion, whose concept revolved around the idea of a “nursery”, a place symbolizing the development of the new generations. The Pavilion served as a “nursery” for the ideas, suggestions and solutions which Italy has to offer the international community – a safe place in which to grow, develop and mature; a workshop that helped projects and talents to “sprout up”.
Italian Pavilion visitor experience had its center in the Exhibition of the Italian Identity, in the space dedicated to WE – Women for Expo, and in the amazing sound and lighting show of the Tree of Life, the true Expo Milan 2015 icon.
Welcome to the Italian Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015!

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Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015 Fondazione Milano per Expo 2015
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