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In the honor and memorialize the immensity of the Indonesian struggle for independence that has come to be known as the “August 17th, 1945 Revolution”, and to encourage the spirit of patriotism among the youths and future generations, the government decided to build a memorial, which was later named the National Monument.
The National Monument is truly unique. Its architecture and dimensions reflect the Indonesian characters. The most prominent shape is the towering obelisk and the goblet-like platform. At top of the obelisk is the “eternal flame” that symbolizes the never-ending determination and spirit of Indonesian people. The National Monument also incorporated the numbers 17-8-’45, which has been sanctified by the Indonesian.
The design and location of the National Monument is remarkable. From the main plaza of the Medan Merdeka Square, visitors are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park and feel the cool breeze of the fountain. A statue of Prince Diponegoro stands majestically in the square’s northern plaza. Directly in front of the statue, three meters below Jalan Silang Monas, there is a tunnel that leads to the main grounds of the National Monument surrounded by a row of fences that resemble to bamboo spears the weapons used by Indonesians during the fought in order to achieve and maintain its independence.
Jakarta was designated as the home of the National Monument for its status as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, where Soekarno and Hatta proclaimed the country’s independence on August 17th, 1945.
The monument constructed at the Medan Merdeka Square. The square was deemed ideal not only for its vastness, but also for its historical relevance. On September 19th, 1945, hundreds of thousands Indonesian fought the Japanese artileries to express their determination to keep away the nation from all forms of colonialism and to only aknowledge one single government, the Republic of Indonesia.

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