Nakagawa-machi bato hiroshige art of museum

Nasu-gun, Japan

The Nakagawa-machi Bato Hiroshige Museum of Art opened in November 200 to introduce the Aoki Collection(which was donated to the town) to the public, and to promote culture and the arts at the local level. Byscheduling exhibits on a variety of themes centering on ukiyo-eart, the museum aims to provide visitors with new discoveries on each and every visit. The building is the design of Kuma Kengo, who conceptualized a place "which expresses the artistry and tradition of Hiroshige by means of a traditional, yet subdued exterior." With its gabled roof, the roomy, single-story building merges into Nakagawa's rich, natural surroundings.

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Nakagawa-machi bato hiroshige art of museum116-9, Bato, Nakagawa-machi
Nasu-gun, 324-0613
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