Al-Ghad Radio

Al-Ghad Radio
Mosul , Iraq

Al-Ghad (‘Tomorrow’) FM. Al-Ghad was established in March 2015 as the first independent radio station to broadcast in Mosul under ISIS rule. Now a powerful social media enterprise with over 1 million followers (in addition to its radio audience), Al-Ghad continues to serve Mosul, acting as a coordinator and facilitator of many significant cultural and community projects across Nineveh. Al-Ghad ran a successful art exhibition at the Royal Hall at Mosul Museum for six days, with attendance exceeding 6000 visitors, that showcased artists from Mosul and Iraq and told the story of the city’s revival post-ISIS.

More recently, Al-Ghad established the Wattar Orchestra in Nineveh with composer Mohamed Mahmoud, celebrating Mosul and the young talent bringing music back to the region.

Al-Ghad has also become a community leader in technology and innovation, running a successful Virtual Reality course that brought Mosul’s diverse and storied heritage to life.

Al-Ghad is committed to its mission of driving community support, supporting diversity through shared cultural activities, and building hope for the future of Mosul.

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Al-Ghad RadioIraq - Nineveh
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