The Children of Mosul

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Part of the Return to Mosul Exhibition

Mother & Child (2019) by Abeer ArbidAl-Ghad Radio

The children of Mosul continue to suffer long term psychological trauma not only from the battles that raged in the city but the day-to-day cruelty they witnessed by ISIS members.  

Strict laws were instated banning art, music, certain types of dress, and even games and food. Many Maslawi children have had difficulty returning to ordinary childhood activities, as they associate music, art, and games with punishment.  

Young Maslawi Boy (2019) by Alaa SalimAl-Ghad Radio

Children’s experiences of ISIS occupation and war will have major repercussions for the rest of their lives, but the children of Mosul will also be its salvation and its future. Parents strove to protect their children from the harm and malignant nature of ISIS; many held their children back from school to limit their exposure to harmful ideologies.  

But the occupation spared no one, not even the children. Life in Mosul as a child was marred by ISIS, who prevented children from participating in community activities, further spreading isolation in the city. 

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