Road to Equality

Celebrating the stories behind 100 years of women's rights in the UK

in collaboration with

Mayor of LondonThe Feminist LibraryMuseum of LondonHistoric EnglandBarbican CentreLSE Library14-18 NOW
and 15 more collections
“What draws men and women together is stronger than the brutality and tyranny which drive them apart.”– Millicent Fawcett

Inspiring individuals

From 18th Century activists to modern day trailblazers

Celebrating Millicent Fawcett's legacy

Then and Now

From 1918 to 2018

Public art for change

The Mayor of London and Tate Collective's LDN WMN outdoor art exhibition

Explore the art of protest and activism

Mary Lowndes' banners to the feminist zines

Spotlight on: Mary Lowndes

Artful protest in action

Explore banners, posters and videos of protests through the years

Explore the colours of the movement

Beyond the signature green and purple

Photography and the Suffragettes

From surveilance to documentation

Feminism, power and politics

The history of the women's movement

Celebrating intersectionality

Exploring how class, race, sexual orientation, age, disability and gender, are interwoven in the fight for equality

“There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.”– Audre Lorde

From their perspective

Explore the original scrapbooks from the suffrage campaigners themselves

Important locations to the movement

From Epsom to Jarrow

"There's something so special about a woman who dominates in a man's world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer."– Rihanna

Modern feminist artists

Discover more about women's fight for equality in the UK

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