Spain: An Open Kitchen

Because a dish tastes better when you know its story

In collaboration with

Real Academia de Gastronomía

and participation from ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones and

Acción Cultural Española, AC/EMuseo del Traje, Madrid

A taste of Spain

Serving up Spanish culture

Think before you bite

Decoding iconic Spanish foods with Masterchef judge Samantha Vallejo and YouTube star Kikillo

Every recipe has a history

Flavors to savour

Discover more about Spain's star exports

Explore more of Spain's traditional tastes and daredevil dishes

Spanish gastronomy goes global

Food icons around the world on why Spanish cuisine has taken over

Keeping it in the familia

Where innovation meets family tradition

Ferran Adrià and elBulli

The pioneer of conceptual cooking and his five-time Best Restaurant In The World-winning restaurant

Ferran Adrià in action

"The time for keeping recipes in drawers has passed."Ferran Adrià

The mind behind the menu

Zoom into Ferrán Adriá's creative notebooks and unique menus

How to innovate like Ferran Adrià

Classic food, new tricks

The next gen

Trendsetting Spanish chefs defining the future of food

The everyday heroes

The men and women who feed us, from all over Spain

Discover more about the people behind the food

Feast your eyes

Snack on some short quirky videos from the world of food

Beyond the plate

Exploring the artistry of Spanish food

Explore wineries in 360º

How brands grabbed our attention

Ingenious inventions

How design finds solutions to the problems posed by the world of cuisine

Explore more stories where food meets art, architecture, and culture

Food for thought

Explore more...

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