Kamyana Mohyla: Eastern Ukraine's Ancient Stone Sanctuary

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Kamyana Mohyla (The Stone Grave), Eastern Ukraine's Ancient Stone SanctuaryCFC Big Ideas in association with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy

What is Kamyana Mohyla?

Kamyana Mohyla (The Stone Grave) is a monument of ancient culture in Ukraine near Melitopol above the Molochna River. This is the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve. Previously, it served as an altar for religious ceremonies for thousands of years. 


Kamyana Mohyla contains several thousand unique ancient rock images: petroglyphs. Many of them are still filled with sand.

The origin of Kamyana Mohyla

In geological and historical terms, Kamyana Mohyla is one of the unique monuments of its kind. This is a remnant of Sarmatian Sea sandstone of the Tertiary period (XIV-XII million years BC), which occupied the territory of the Black, Azov, and Caspian Seas.

There are about 3,000 slabs on the territory of Kamyana Mohyla. The slabs are not arranged in a random way: it is a properly collapsed stone shell. Its caves and grottoes became convenient for cult purposes.

Ancient altar

At the very top of the hill, there is an ancient altar where religious ceremonies were performed.

The central sanctuary on Kamyana Mohyla was built according to all traditional canons, not only it is open to views from everywhere, but also located at the point of the energy "pillar."

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