Skeiron's efforts to 3D scan cultural monuments throughout Ukraine

By Skeiron

Skeiron is a team of people who capture Ukraine's architectural and cultural heritage in order to protect it from the destructive effects of time.

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Church of Saint Nicholas by SkeironSkeiron

Skeiron is a team of people who have been concerned about the fate of Ukraine's cultural heritage for many years.

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Annunciation Cathedral by SkeironSkeiron

Our task is to engrave as much of Ukraine's architectural and artistic heritage as possible and preserve historical  memory from the destructive influences of time.

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Chortkiv New synagogue by SkeironSkeiron

We scanned cultural sites before the war. Now, at the time of the full-scale invasion, we  understand the even greater urgency. For this reason, we initiate the #SaveUkrainianHeritage project.

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Swallow's Nest by SkeironSkeiron

The project's aim is 3D scanning of cultural  monuments throughout Ukraine. We create 3D models using laser scanning and photogrammetry technologies. This allows you to record the condition of the monument more accurately and help restore it in case of destruction

In this initiative, we strive to unite the efforts of all those who can can contribute to the scan - professionals in this field, conservationists, and appreciators. To do this, we are developing various opportunities to support the initiative.

#SUH2 by SkeironSkeiron

Objects captured

27 monuments scanned as part of the project since March 2022.

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